Johanna Hill, Tarot Card Reader

I do not work with the Tarot because I think it will tell me the future. I work with Tarot because over and over, it tells me the truth. A deep truth, and one that I already know.

We are smarter than we give ourselves credit for. What we often classify as a coincidence or supernatural is really just our bodies and unconscious minds picking up on information in our environment that is subtle, but is essential to our well being. When we get quiet and work with the cards, they help us bring our extra intelligence to the forefront of daily life. After a reading I am awake and aware, ready to shape my future. That’s how I want other people to feel – alive, ready, and empowered.

It’s taken me years to develop my skills to the point where I can help others by reading their cards. I got my first tarot deck when I was 13, but only did readings for people starting in my 30s after intensive study and over a decade of work as a guidance counselor in schools.That’s right. I take this seriously. I’ve read. I’ve studied. I’ve practiced. Each time I devote attention to structured study, I actively hone my skills and find a new way to help my clients get to the bottom of their questions.

I am also an avid collector of tarot cards and divination decks. A minimalist in all other respects, I can’t resist a new deck! When you work with tarot, you find an entire language of symbols at your fingertips. With those symbols, we can find a way into a problem we don’t yet have words for – and create a path for a future that is now much,much clearer.

So, let’s make your life better though tarot!

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