Triumph of Life Tarot Project

I am so excited! I am taking part in The Triumph of Life Tarot Project. The brainchild of Andrew McGregor, owner of The Hermit’s Lamp it’s a collaborative deck designed to raise money for cancer research. This kind of thing would not have been possible without the wonders of social media (finally, a reason to like Facebook) and has brought together professional tarot artists like Joanna Powell Colbert and Robert Place with tarot enthusiasts like little ol’ me.

By the time I learned of the project, there were very few cards left. I ended up with the Seven of Coins which is not one of my favorites. I struggled with the idea, the imagery, and the execution but finally came up with something I felt was worthy and will even it in by the deadline. I’ll post more on why the Seven of Coins turned out to be so meaningful (sometimes those cards pop up for a reason!) and the progress of the deck later on, but for now I’ll just revel in the idea that I’ll be a real tarot artist soon and it will be for a great cause.

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