Weekly Reading Recap 5.23.15

At the end of the week I like to go back and see what my predictions were on the previous Sunday, and see if they panned out. So often we only remember the coincidence, and discount too quickly the card that missed the mark. This is a way I can keep myself honest, and improve my skills as a reader.

Star of the Magi: Sunday, May 17th. New Moon in Taurus.
Deck: Linestrider Tarot Deck
Link to Part A: here

1. Sunday (Sun) True Self, Ego, Life Force, Money King of Wands

Before I even got to the conference hotel, the socializing had begun. The hotel shuttle was full of people I recognized, and who recognized me. Professionally, I am a talker, and often the one to say what others are thinking. I bet people see me as a bit of the King of Wands, even though…

2. Monday (Moon) Emotions, Changes, Journeys The Hanged Man

I had to admit, I brooded over whether or not my negative encounter at work on Friday would mean I would not get a contract for the following year. In my profession this is the season to renew, so I was worried that one had not materialized, but all I could do was wait. So far, the juxtaposition I’d noticed was playing out.

3. Tuesday (Mars) Ambition, Energy, Risk Three of Cups

My presentation went really well, as expected and predicted – despite a last-minute adjustment. It was a group effort in the end, and after the three of us celebrated afterwards.

4. Wednesday (Mercury) Communication, Business Matters The Hermit

By the next day, I was ready for some peace and quiet. I love my professional peers, but it’s a talkative bunch and I was talked out by the time the conference wrapped up. This was not only expected but backed up by the Star of the Magi reading.

But a daily reading helps me, too. That morning, I drew the Ace of Swords, Hierophant, and the Knight of Swords.

Daily Reading May 2015

The other side of the Hermit is about being a light or lighthouse. Contemplation in solitude is great, but the Hermit often has information to share that helps people out. Knowing this, and seeing this reading, I did something out of character. My presentation was about a hot topic in my profession, and I proposed a solution I think will be effective. I got a good response from the audience. So, when I saw the liaison for the national organization, I walked straight up to her and let her know who I was and asked if she thought my idea had merit. We ended up having a great discussion and she asked for my card to pass on to someone who is signed up to be the keynote speaker on that very topic at the national conference in October. And then I was done. I didn’t say another word to anyone until I got home. So. Very. Tired.

5. Thursday (Jupiter) Faith, Luck, Abundance Nine of Wands

I jumped back into work, confidence restored, and had a long day of doing what needed to be done, not what was fun.

6. Friday (Venus) Love, Beauty, Pleasure Knight of Wands

I did get a contract – whew! Glad I just waited it out and didn’t raise a fuss. My husband and I celebrated, and as always he keeps my spirits up.

7. Saturday (Saturn) Discipline, Work, Stability Three of Wands

The party on Saturday was nice, but my husband and I went over to see the birthday boy early, as requested. We hadn’t seen him in a while and were eager to catch up. There was a three Amigos vibe, which is always something I associate with the Three of Wands. Also, it was great to talk over all my work woes with two people who had similarly rough years (my husband and our friend.)

Verdict? I think this week went the way the reading predicted. It made me feel more in control to have done the reading on Sunday, especially as I headed into territory that tends to be draining. Once again I am happy I do a reading every day, after getting the big picture in the seven card spread – it adds layers to my understanding.

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