World Tarot Day Reading 2015

World Tarot Day Reading 2015

I discovered a World Tarot Day Spread, created by reader and blogger Alex Carabine at Rabbit Moon Tarot and decided to give it a go. I really liked what came up for me. It will be interesting to try this again next year and see how things have changed – I love traditions like that.

Notes on Deck: Of course, it being World Tarot Day, I had to use the GrandeDame of them all, the Pamela Colman Smith re-issue of the Raider Waite deck. I’ve cut the borders off this deck.

Notes on Reading: Lots of Wands. My favorite Trump. The Court Card who shows up most often when I am not thinking about my day job. (Otherwise it’s the Queen of Cups.) Only one Cup card.

Center: You Right Now, On Your Tarot Journey 8 of Wands
Yup, that’s me. I’m moving fast – starting a blog, starting to Instagram, trying out lots of social media to see how best to connect with people. I have this idea that a blog can be a way to transition from one profession to the other, and I’m on fire with the idea of seeing where this takes me. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind.

Cross: Obstacles You’re Facing 4 of Wands
And that’s my home life. A life I love. A life I need to put on hold a bit as I try this new blogging thing out and dive more deeply into tarot. I need to be careful not to neglect the people that really matter in favor of the people online.

Lower Left: What Tarot Can Teach You About Life10 of Wands
Right now, tarot might be trying to each me not to take too much on. With over a 1000 decks and 78 cards in each to explore, I need to learn to not get overwhelmed.

Upper Left: What Tarot Can Teach You About LoveQueen of Wands
She’s about balancing enthusiasm and zest of life with action. The Queen of Wands loves well and unapologetically. I would love to think that this card means I will learn how to balance being on fire with ideas for the blog with my day-to-day work responsibilities and my family relationships all the while growing into someone I like to see in the mirror.

Upper Right: What Tarot Can Teach You About SuccessThe Hermit
Wheee! This is my man. My favorite. When I think of what success could be, it’s this guy. I dream of a day when I have lots of time to reflect and be alone, but can still communicate with others in a way that helps them out – say, as a professional tarot reader working from home. I LOVE that he is in this position.

Lower Right: The Next Stage of Your Tarot Journey4 of Cups
Um… not the ideal card here. He points to self-absorption, and not seeing opportunities right in front of your face. Someone so caught up in something, that they are missing out. I’m so glad I drew another card…

7th card (I have to have one): How To Get Ready7 of Wands
We are back in Wands territory here. Manage your energy, he says. Focus and keep things in check. Stand your ground, but only on what matters. I think the message – from the 8 to the 7 of Wands, it mostly about deciding what it really important when it comes to Tarot for me – Blogging? Reading? Reaching Out? I don’t know but I think I’ll be considering it over the next few days.

Great spread, Alex! This proved really interesting and thought provoking! It’s absolutely one I’ll be doing again.

2 thoughts on “World Tarot Day Reading 2015

  1. I’m so glad you liked it! 😀 and don’t worry about the 4 of Cups – it might be asking you to stay self-reflective without naval gazing, and reminding you to seize opportunities when they’re offered to you (oh, that magic cup!). This looks like a really positive reading and I’m so grateful that you tried and shared it. Would you mind if a posted a link to it on my Facebook?

    1. Alex,
      I really like that interpretation of the 4 – I’ll think on that. And of course you can post it to Facebook! I’m flattered you asked.

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