Weekly Reading 5.30.15

Isidore Star of the Magi 5.31.2015

Star of the Magi: Sunday, May 31st, 2015
Deck: Isidore Tarot Deck

1. Sunday (Sun) True Self, Ego, Life Force, Money Ten of Swords
2. Monday (Moon) Emotions, Changes, Journeys Knight of Cups
3. Tuesday (Mars) Ambition, Energy, Risk Three of Coins
4. Wednesday (Mercury) Communication, Business Matters Queen of Wands
5. Thursday (Jupiter) Faith, Luck, Abundance Seven of Wands
6. Friday (Venus) Love, Beauty, Pleasure Knight of Wands
7. Saturday (Saturn) Discipline, Work, Stability Knight of Swords

Notes on Deck:  Click Here for the Deck Interview

Notes on Spread: Lots of wands! Lots of Court Cards! Oh my!

Thoughts for the Week:

If I was a client, I think it’s say that this was a week to pay attention where you are now, not the past (Ten of Swords). Look at how you communicate your big ideas (Swords, Wands) – make sure it’s with confidence and kindness at work as you build a good team (Three of Coins, Queen of Wands). Take note of how many young people you have around you (Knights) – they need a vision and mission to help magnify their gifts.

1. Sunday (Sun) True Self, Ego, Life Force, Money Ten of Swords

Well, that’s pretty much on the money. Sunday marks one year in my new city, and the first year of my job over. My students have their graduation and I guess I need to have mine. The Ten of Swords is all about closure. Here is is in the Sun position, so it speaks to how you get your life force revitalized. I think that an ending can be very revitalizing. No more wasted energy. I need to find the ending of this week, so I can move on.

2. Monday (Moon) Emotions, Changes, Journeys Knight of Cups

I am that Knight, looking at the dream just out of reach. With the end of a year comes a lot of thinking about my expectations. Not all were met. Monday I also have another interview for a teammate – will she be another Knight of Cups? She’s in the Moon position, and speaks to how you get your emotional needs met. I wonder if that means I’ll find a kindred spirit, or if it points to me getting my needs met outside of work – say, with this blog.

3. Tuesday (Mars) Ambition, Energy, Risk Three of Coins

Yes, I do have an ambition to run a great team, and have a satisfying work relationship like the one on the card. I am giving an evaluation to a new teammate on Tuesday. I think this serves as a reminder that I need to make sure it’s a satisfactory partnership to him too, likely pointing to the evaluation being heavy on the goal setting for him and less about his performance, which has been great. As it’s in the Mars position, it speaks to how you express your energy and passions and serves as a reminder that I like being in change, but only when it’s really a team. That’s worth celebrating.

4. Wednesday (Mercury) Communication, Business Matters Queen of Wands

I have been thinking about my communication at work, and how a year in I need to be more confident. As that cat as queen is in the Mercury position, it speaks to my communication style and is a great reminder that I should find a way this week to speak with great confidence.

5. Thursday (Jupiter) Faith, Luck, Abundance Seven of Wands

Fascinating. Thursday I fly out for just the day, to attend the retirement party of a person at my old office. I’m not completely sure what the Seven of Wands there means. Courage? I am a bit scared to see people I used to work with now that I am somewhere else, and it’s not going well. Perhaps as it’s in the Jupiter position, which is about how you achieve a sense of faith and optimism, it bodes well for a trip into the past.

6. Friday (Venus) Love, Beauty, Pleasure Knight of Wands

Oh, Friday! I can’t go into detail about what happens at my current school on Friday, but this fits. Love and beauty from lots of energetic young people.

7. Saturday (Saturn) Discipline, Work, Stability Knight of Swords

Saturday is up in the air. I have no idea what I’ll be doing. Perhaps this card, which is all about quick thinking and lots of communication, means I should spend time with my husband. When we have been apart either because of a trip or a busy week we love to spend time hiking. Really, it’s about having no distractions as we talk through our week, the interesting things we learned, and week and our feelings. As it’s in the Saturn position, perhaps a hike is a great deal as it’s a workout, and Saturn is all about the way you embody discipline.

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