Weekly Reading Recap 6.6.15

At the end of the week I like to go back and see what my predictions were on the previous Sunday, and see if they panned out. So often we only remember the coincidence, and discount too quickly the card that missed the mark. This is a way I can keep myself honest, and improve my skills as a reader.

Often on Saturdays, I critique my weekly reading and give more detail about my week. This week I won’t do that. The events of the past few days are really personal, and I can’t find a way to discuss them on something as public as a blog while maintaining the tiny shred of anonymity I cultivate. But! Something fascinating happened this week that isn’t uncommon and relates directly to my post called 7 Tips For Effective Tarot Journals. Look at my record of the weekly reading with the Isidore tarot, and my daily draws with the BirdQueen tarot:

Weekly Reading Card for Sunday: 10 of Swords
Daily Draw: Prince of Swords, 8 of Wands

Weekly Reading Card for Monday: Knight of Cups
Daily Draw: 10 of Swords, Page of Cups

Weekly Reading Card for Tuesday: 3 of Coins
Daily Draw: Star, 2 of Coins, 7 of Swords

Weekly Reading Card for Wednesday: Queen of Wands
Daily Draw: 5 of Coins, 3 of Coins, High Priestess

Weekly Reading Card for Friday: 7 of Wands
Daily Draw: Knight of Wands, Page of Swords

Weekly Reading Card for Saturday: Knight of Wands
Daily Draw: 5 of Swords, 10 of Wands

I know you see it – hard to miss, right? I had three separate occurrences of a the same Pip card landing on the same day even though the readings were not done on the same day, and were even from separate decks. Statistically I am sure this is not all that impossible, but I find it fascinating when it happens, and it happens a lot to me. I take it as a message that really, really needs to get through. And yes, in case you are wondering, it was a week where the 10 of Swords, 3 of Coins and Knight of Wands were all very appropriate. Ugh. I saw the best and worst meanings of each card.

I hope this encourages you to keep a tarot journal. As you can see having a record is tremendously helpful.

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