Weekly Reading ReCap 6.13.15

At the end of the week I like to go back and see what my predictions were on the previous Sunday, and see if they panned out. So often we only remember the coincidence, and discount too quickly the card that missed the mark. This is a way I can keep myself honest, and improve my skills as a reader.

I have to admit, I didn’t do regular daily draws this week. It was a sporadic effort at best. A nasty cold went through the office like wildfire. I was home three days out of the week, after struggling mightily to get everything that was absolutely essential done before I completely collapsed. Interestingly enough, the Strength card came up both in the weekly reading and as one of the very few cards I drew for a daily reading – a ‘hang in there’ message that I really needed. Then, on the day I e-mailed in sick and never got out of my PJ’s? The Hanged Man. His message was absolutely “get off your work e-mail and rest for pity sake!” I took his advice.

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