Clarity After Quiet

I’ve been quiet these past weeks. Or, at least, quiet here.

At first I felt guilty about it. I was worried how it would look, going dark on all forms of social media just as I’m trying to establish myself a reliable and professional blogger. But it could not be helped.

First, I was hiking in Yosemite. There is no cell service up there. I was carrying everything on my back, so you know I was not about to bring a laptop.

But after Yosemite, I didn’t touch my cards for weeks. Again, first I was worried. What did I mean? Where had my obsession, desire, and passion for tarot gone?

It didn’t go anywhere.

But for a good long while I was in a place where to understand your immediate situation and the immediate future all you had to do was look around – at the storm moving in, at the milky way and how she had shifted as the hours rolled by, at the dusty path in front of us. Cards were not needed.

And then I was in the last few sweet weeks of vacation. I’m back at work now, getting ready for the school year to start, but in those last weeks of vacation I did what I wanted when I wanted, and introverted little me made few social plans. I sewed (two tops, one reversible skirt and a set of PJ’s if you are asking) and knitted, and danced, and wandered down to the beach. In that state of solitary, quiet bliss the cards were not needed.

It’s all helped me see a truth that should be obvious but wasn’t until now – the cards are a human creation, for human problems. They are a product of complex society, and for people in complex situations. They are about time, and relationships, and managing all the different parts of ourselves in a finite, busy world. Obvious, yes, but it’s clarified things for me.

I use tarot cards, which are old but timeless, to help me with the complexities of life in this century.

That’s the closest I’ve gotten to any sort of statement about how I work with cards or how I think the cards work. It’s a good start, don’t you think?

5 thoughts on “Clarity After Quiet

  1. Yes! this, thank you. I wondered why I wasn’t obsessed with using my cards for every thing/event/question/situation/whatever. I thought it was because, as much as I love my cards and would be lost without them, I just wasn’t dedicated enough to make it as a reader. You have made so much sense to me. I live in the country and my first instinct is always to go outside for a walk whenever I need to think about something. Go sit with the trees or be near water and then use the cards later if I need to.
    I’m glad you enjoyed Yosemite and thank you again for this post. BB

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