SF BATS Report Day One

If you had told me at breakfast that I’d go to a session on Oracle decks and how they worked with charms before dinner I’d have scoffed. Ditto the session on natural augury and any session that involved contacting the dead. Much respect to other traditions and ways but I work how I work. And yet. Day One of SF BATS found me in none of the sessions I’d have thought and I am the better for it. After all, if the creator of The Gaian Tarot gives a session, you go. If the artist behind a favorite deck has a new gorgeous oracle deck, getting one of the 60 in existence and going to a class about it is a great opportunity. And who knew a class / ritual inspired by Maman Brigitte and and the Dark Goddess Tarot cards would be so powerful? I have a lot to process and think about. Can’t wait for Day Two to start!

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