SF BATS Report: Prize Edition

I won something at the raffle! The BATS raffle is pretty extraordinary to start with, and with proceeds going to Rachel Pollock, as well as the ACLU, you have to buy a few to supplement the ticket you get with registration. You just have to. And some people who had lengths and lengths of tickets really cleaned up!


I won a gift bag from a woman who makes “Accoutrements for Your Unique Life” including limited edition decks as well as tea inspired by the Major Arcana. How cool is that? My teas (a reading in and of themselves) were the Moon, Justice, and the Emperor. Can’t wait to try them.
I spoke with Anissa Morello, the owner of Unica Vita about her teas and she said she was shocked the market wasn’t flooded with more products like hers because everyone who sees them has such a positive reaction. I agree!

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