SF BATS Report: Vendor Shout Out


I will admit I skipped out on Session Two the first morning of BATS in order to go shopping. The Vendor Room was just too enticing. That’s where I found the lovely Jenay, of The Kitchen Witch Gourmet, pictured above with co-conspirator Jennifer. Her shop sells teas, spices, bath teas, as well as an assortment of – you guessed it – kitchen witches.

If you don’t have a little witch flying her broomstick in your kitchen, get one. I grew up with this tradition and know first hand that when she she’s not there – after she’s fallen or been removed by a ‘helpful’ cleaning service – refrigerators break and food spoils and the sugar ends up in the salt. Seriously. Kitchen witches are where it’s at. Jenay had several lovely versions on display at her booth. If you don’t find what you are looking for at her online shop, ask. I bet she can help you find the right one for your kitchen.

It was only Jenay’s second time as a vendor at BATS, but she said it already “feels like home.” She admitted it’s not her biggest event but worth it for the comradely and nice people. I asked her the same question I’d asked everyone else I’d interviewed and she said that as a newbie, she couldn’t tell what BATS might be like in 2025, but she certainly hoped it grew. I completely agree.

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