SF BATS Report: New Deck Alert!


Ginnie Jester was in the vendor room at SF BATS, with her City Mystic: New York deck as well as images from her upcoming City Mystic: Paris deck. (You can see the lovely packages above.) I’ve posted about her Kickstarter campaign for the Paris deck on Instagram, but I wanted to take a moment to profile her and her projects on the blog.

Sometimes the medium of a deck is as important as the message. Personally, I am completely turned off by decks that look like they have been made on a computer. Painting? Watercolor? Sure. But please no CGI – looking trumps. It’s all about what appeals to you, but I think it’s a safe bet we all have strong preferences. I have strong preferences about this.

Given that the medium is so important to me, I am fussy about photography decks. They can’t look too polished or slick, but they can’t look amateur. The City Mystic decks find just the right balance: clearly made by a human, but clearly that human knew what they were doing with a camera.

Ginnie was all smiles at her table, and said that there was a marked difference between this year and years prior. “My first Kickstarter for City Mystic: New York was slow to start – 150 bucks after 3 days. But now, people come by or e-mail and say ‘When are you coming out with a new deck?’ It’s so wonderful.”

And that, in an of itself, is a great answer to the question I’d been asking everyone at BATS. What will SF BATS look like in 2025? Well, I think it’s safe to say we will have more people like Ginnie Jester who are finding direct funding and support from the community instead of traditional publishers. I like that idea for the future of the tarot community – especially if it helps decks like these along.

As of today, there is still time to get in on the Kickstarter campaign for City Mystic: Paris. You can even choose a reward that gets you both decks. Check it out!

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