SF BATS Report: Jung & Tarot

After Mary Greer’s session, the woman next to me turned and said, to no one in particular, “I learn something new every time she speaks. It’s never quite what I thought I’d learn going in, but I’m always happy I was there to hear her.” There is simply no better way to describe the session from Mary Greer on the second morning of BATS. On the connection between Jung’s work and tarot, the session was packed with info. A few things from my notes:

  1. Is it dangerous for a tarot reader to know and use therapy techniques in a reading with a client? Many people say yes, many say no. It’s a good idea to know where you stand. Where do I stand? I know enough psychology to help people but do not and never will have a licence.
  2. Read Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung. 
  3. An overwhelming majority of people in the tarot community are introverted intuitive on the Meyers-Briggs test, according to a poll on Aeclectic Tarot. Whee!!! I’ve found the other INTJ’s!!!
  4. Archetypes do not change and evolve. Only the imagery we use to describe/access them.
  5. The concept of a ‘bright shadow.’ I have to explore this. Especially as how it relates to ‘birth cards’ and ‘shadow cards’ for each person.

Despite the heavy nature of the session, and the deeply profound way she ended the session, Mary Greer is a sweet person with a good sense of humor. I had a chance to ask her the question I asked many of the presenters at BATS (Picture yourself at BATS 2025. How has the event, and the community it serves, changed the most in the last 10 years?) and her response was by far the most cheerful!

We are back in San Francisco for a weekend event at an old warehouse. Thalassa has passed the torch (although she still serves as advisor) to some 20-somethings who have created a multi-media extravaganza. Videos and projections are playing, there’s a major art show and vendors. Almost everyone comes dressed like a Tarot card. The general event is open to the public at a nominal charge & includes on-going brief talks & entertainment (mimes & dancers, comedians, poetry reading). Individuals can pay extra to attend more in-depth workshops or to get readings at the tables that are scattered around. It’s a huge success and is written up in all the local papers!

I think that’s a nice juxtaposition to leave you with when describing what it’s like to attend a lecture by Mary Greer. The academic with unfailing optimism. I hope her predictions are true, and I hope that she continues to present on such meaty topics.

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