Tarot, TruthBombs & Oracle Cards: Week #1

This week I ended up adding not just a card from one of my new oracle decks A Curiously Charming Oracle, but using a TruthBomb card to put the reading into words. It was a powerful, fun, and creative process. Instead of doing my normal Weekly Recap post, I thought I’d include the images of each day’s reading.

Daily Collection 8/23/15

Sunday was an incredibly productive day, as you might guess from a Six of Wands card with a little extra luck thrown in. I got lots of things I wanted to get done accomplished, with minimal interruption.

Daily Collection 8/24/15

Monday was a day spent with lots of people gearing up for the new school year. Our word of the year is gratitude, so reminding myself to come back to a place of gratitude worked well despite being a little out of my comfort zone with workshops and sharing circles and social hours.

Daily Collection 8/25/15

Tuesday was more of the gear-up for the school year, complete with a staff party. I normally hate that sort of thing, but after getting to know people (and what they were grateful for) I had a chance to have real conversations instead of making small talk. It made all the difference.

Daily Collection 8/26/15

Wednesday was supposedly my ‘luckiest day’ and despite my on-again-off-again ideas about astrology I thought it could not hurt to schedule my meeting with my boss’s boss on this day. She is an Empress, and this reading in the morning gave me a boost of confidence that we might mend our relationship and correct old misunderstandings so we can work together. The meeting went really well.

Daily Collection 8/27/15

Thursday was not only the day I met my advisory group (like homeroom) but it was my dad’s birthday. It was a great day of getting to know a really nice group of girls, and then having a nice conversation with my dad. Also, this was a day I came straight home after work (a rarity) and did just as I pleased. Meaning I watched two episodes of Project Runway and gave myself a manicure – so decedent!

Daily Collection 8/28/15

Friday was a big day. I had been having huge, colorful, memorable dreams all week but woke up with a really powerful memory of one that morning. Cards jumped out in pairs, the tarot deck begged to be used and turned up the ‘Artist’ trump of the Sakki-Sakki. A bunch of powerful messaged about staying in flow, letting the day happen and trusting that I know what I’m doing. The day was just as advertised – not as planned, but better because I trusted my gut as we needed to make changes to the schedule.

Daily Collection 8/29/15

Saturday I woke up from a dream so real and so powerful I had to lie there in the blue morning light for a while. No surprise, as it’s a full moon. The High Priestess slipped from the deck as I tried to get a card from the stack of oracle cards, and I ended up with a powerful ‘collection’ about my dream.

I like this method of keeping a record of the week. I think I’ll do it again!

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