Sakki Sakki Deck Review

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The Sakki Sakki Tarot deck is one of my favorites for both sentimental and practical reasons. I bought it specifically for a class (the ‘Art of Tarot’ with Rabbit at The Sacred Well). I had to bring a deck that had traditional underpinnings, as we’d be learning the tarot as we went. I brought the Sakki Sakki with me to class, hoping to both talk about the traditional meanings of the cards as well as more intuitive interpretations. Both the deck and the class did not disappoint.

With images drenched in bright colors and clearly full of whimsy, this deck is completely disarming. People can’t help but smile, relax, and reach out to touch it. For this reason it is a go-to deck when dealing with the public. It comes as a pleasant surprise and added bonus to find that this deck also lends itself to personal readings, as the bright images also have a great deal of depth. It took me several readings to notice that the astrological correspondences were included, as well as the symbols from the Tree of Life. There is much more here than meets the eye!

Deck Details

The deck is the work of artist Monicka Clio Sakki, and available through her website for the deck. She says this deck

“is vibrant, quirky and positive, and brings a wonderful, riotous explosion of colors, patterns, exclamations, smiles and exaggerated gestures. It incorporates the structure and meanings of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, together with Astrology, Kabbalah and personal symbolism.

When I bought the deck it arrived in a colorful package from Israel, and it felt like a little party waiting to be unwrapped. It was long before the companion book was available, so I don’t have it but I bet the deck and book is well worth the price.

It should be noted that the LWB is wonderful. The paper is not flimsy at all, and it’s clear thought went into how to present good info in a tiny book. There is a lot of info in that tiny thing, including a fuller description of The Artist trump as well as a spread called ‘The Artist’s Path’ to help with creative blocks and decision making. It remains one of the few LWB’s that I do use when reading with a deck.

Card Details

The cards shuffle well. They are a nice size in the hands. The backs are bright BRIGHT yellow and green, and if you were to see the deck on a table I bet you’d never guess they were tarot cards. Even at first glance at some of the images will take even the most seasoned reader aback. While yes, there is all the traditional symbolism here, there is a lot going on in each card. Some of my favorite cards include The Hierophant with his multiple eyes, The Hanged Man who might or might not be exploring the sewer system of his city to ‘go to the underworld.’ What’s interesting is that as lovely as many majors are, it’s really the Pips that shine in this deck. For example, the 5 of Cups packs so much into one little card – color, distance, symbolism, it’s all there. Also, it has to be said that many cards picture people without heads. At first it’s odd, but then it allows for yet another meaning to sneak in.

Sakki Sakki Deck Review 3.jpeg

The Court Cards have heads. The Queens, in particular are spectacular. If you are looking for a deck where you will be able to get great signifiers for clients, the Kings and Queens of the Sakki Sakki have you covered. I just wish I could say that for the Pages. I find them a little underwhelming by comparison.

Sakki Sakki Deck Review 2.jpeg

Perhaps it is the simplicity that turns me off. If the deck has a flaw, it is that some cards are too simple – too rider-Waite and rely too heavily on traditional images. In a deck this interesting you hope that every card will surprise you, but alas some cards are similar to every other deck. It’s a disappointment that this applies to a lot of Majors in this deck – but also could be a positive attribute as the meanings are clear even to a member of the general public. Look at that Devil card, after all. He’s a cheery fellow and not scary at all which makes for great conversation with a client.

Sakki Sakki Deck Review 4.jpeg


I think the Sakki Sakki deserves a 5 out of 5. While it is not perfect, it accomplishes so much that I continue to be impressed with the imagery, layers of meaning, and exuberant joy of the deck. It’s proven over the years to be a great ‘public’ deck as well as a private deck. Given that it’s many things to many people, as well as based on traditional meanings and symbols, it’s a great first deck. A worthwhile investment for the reader who wants to read in many settings (bridal showers as well as Halloween parties, tarot classes and conferences) for all ages, as well as the reader who wants to shake up their own personal tarot studies.

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