SF BATS Report: Changing Perspectives

I continued to attend the more academic sessions on the second morning of BATS by going from Mary Greer’s session to a session by Gina Thies. A 7 year veteran attendee at BATS, she’s written a book that I heard many people praise called Tarot Coupling: Resources & Resolutions for Relationship Readings. She also is a co-host of the podcast Oracle Soup with Katrina Wynne. While I was not familiar with her work, many people are a fan of Ms. Thies. The room was pretty full when I grabbed a seat, and I quickly saw why.

Gina presented on the importance of taking a second to think consciously and critically about our perspectives before we begin to read, and to think about the perspective of the client. She had us articulate ourselves three different ways – our most selfish selves, the self that cares for our nearest and dearest, as well as the self who cares about the good of mankind. It was really hard!

From there she moved quickly over several different modalities you as a reader can use to frame a reading, or to explore the different perspectives that might be represented within even one card. Experienced and new readers alike commented that it was challenging and powerful to take a step back and think about the cards and a reading in this way. There was so much to take in and take home – by the end my brain hurt!

For all her intense focus on such heady topics, Gina’s presentation style was relaxed, happy, and organized. She’s sarcastic and funny, and clearly comfortable in front of a crowd. I was curious what she’d say to the question I’ve been asking everyone, and her answer was like her presentation – to the point, organized, and forward-thinking:

Here are some things I expect to see at a 2025 BATS:

• No longer a two-day event – the Friday welcome party will become a tradition, possibly with a mini conference for those arriving on Friday.
• More diversity in attendance.
• A review of older decks and their relevance to the time.
• More interest in other divination methods. Lenormand will be replaced with something else such as bone readings or pure clairvoyance.

I don’t’ know about you, but I’d love to attend a conference like that! With any luck, we will get to, and Ms. Thies will be in attendance giving another great presentation.

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