Weekly Reading ReCap: Disappointments

Sometimes we get distracted by pretty things. We go into a discount store for, say, a new white button down shirt. On our way to the back racks where all the practical, useful clothing waits, we see something that distracts us from our path. A silver sequined mini-skirt, for example. We pause. It’s our size! And on sale! Feeling impulsive, we grab the skirt and bring it to the dressing room with the three white button down shirts we’ve also found in our size. The skirt fits! It’s so shiny. Our hips look slightly smaller in it! Oh frabjous day!

But while yes, it’s clothing and we came looking for clothing and yes, it’s pretty, is it really a good idea to buy it? Seeing as how it’s been years and years since we ever had any sort of occasion where a silver sequined mini skirt might be appropriate attire. (I actually can’t think of an occasion where I would wear ever have worn one.) The skirt will sit in the closet. It might come out ever so often on the odd Friday night in and alone, when too much wine has been consumed and it seems like a great idea to put on party clothes, a bit of really red lipstick and lip-sync to pop songs in front of the mirror.

It’s the same with tarot decks. Sometimes pretty is just, well, pretty. Sometimes a deck that looks great isn’t one that will give you meaningful readings. And, like a silver sequined miniskirt, is best left at the store.

Sigh. I’m talking about The Dreaming Way tarot. What a disappointment. The deck is vapid, and reading with it felt like having a conversation with a recalcitrant teenage girl. Trust me on this analogy. I have lots of conversations with teenagers. To make matters worse, I did an interview with the deck I’m planning on using in this next week, the Tabula Mundi, which is rich with symbolism and meaning. A well thought out deck next to The Dreaming Way only highlighted how a deck can go wrong when you have pretty pictures but no cohesive viewpoint on symbolism, tarot structure, etc… None of my readings are worth posting about this week, so my recap is this: Don’t fall for pretty. Because pretty won’t cut it in a tarot reading.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Reading ReCap: Disappointments

  1. The Dreaming Way has been on and off my wish list so much. I think nah, it’s not for me and then I will read a gushing review and think, nope, I am missing something, it must be ok and it goes back on the wish list. Never at the top but, it’s there; and then I see a card that I haven’t seen before from the deck and think, nah, not for me and it is off the wish list again…
    I think after reading this, it is off the wish list for good and I feel good with that decision. Thank you

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