Weekly Reading 9.6.15

Tabula Mundi Star of the Magi.jpeg

Star of the Magi: Sunday, September 6th, 2015
Deck:  Tabula Mundi Tarot 

1. Sunday (Sun) True Self, Ego, Life Force, Money Five of Cups
2. Monday (Moon)Emotions, Changes, Journeys Ace of Swords
3. Tuesday (Mars) Ambition, Energy, Risk 6 of Wands
4. Wednesday (Mercury) Communication, Business Matters Four of Cups
5. Thursday (Jupiter) Faith, Luck, Abundance Four of Wands
6. Friday (Venus) Love, Beauty, Pleasure The Fool
7. Saturday (Saturn) Discipline, Work, Stability Art

Notes on Deck:  Click Here for the Deck Interview

Notes on Spread: An Ace, A 4-5-6 pattern, 2 4’s and 2 Majors.

Thoughts for the Week:

If I was a client, I think I’d say: “You asked what your week held for you, and the answer is pretty clear that part of the week will be focused on things that might seem mundane, but are very meaningful in the end. Your mindset will change from the start of the week to the end. By the end of the week you will have a new perspective on things, and be ready to integrate the lessons in a meaningful way.”

1. Sunday (Sun) True Self, Ego, Life Force, Money Five of Cups

How you get your life force revitalized: Well, I’m going out to dinner with friends on Saturday night, so does this point to a handover? Kidding. I think this points to a worry that I won’t get everything for my upcoming trip done in time. Or, perhaps on a deeper level that right now I’m functioning from a place of feeling like everything is too much, and there isn’t enough food or comfort to go around. A scarcity mentality.

2. Monday (Moon) Emotions, Changes, Journeys Ace of Swords

How you get your emotional needs met: A new idea! The start of a new thought or approach. If I am functioning from a place of worry, this could point to a jolt out of that and into a better headspace.

3. Tuesday (Mars) Ambition, Energy, Risk 6 of Wands

How you express your energy. Your drives: I love this card here. I think it points to some good feedback about some changes I’m making at work. Tuesday will be the first day of the week, and this is a card that points to starting the week with a positive attitude.

4. Wednesday (Mercury) Communication, Business Matters Four of Cups

Your communication style. What stimulates you intellectually: On Wednesday I’ll be headed out on a wilderness retreat with my students. We have to take a boat to get there. I think this card points to the fact that I need to stay calm, act as if everything is all right, even if I don’t feel like that as I’m contemplating throwing up over the boat’s side. It will communicate so much to my kids to see me calm. Also, the phases of the moon on the card remind me that I’ll enjoy being in nature.

5. Thursday (Jupiter) Faith, Luck, Abundance Four of Wands

How you achieve a sense of faith and optimism: This card has been coming up a lot lately as a way to point to working in harmony with others. I see the camp we’ll all be at, and think this means good things for bonding with my fellow teachers. I also can’t ignore that the two main days of the retreat are 4’s – pointing to stability. A great sign.

6. Friday (Venus) Love, Beauty, Pleasure The Fool

How you express love. Who/What attracts you: I’d love to return from the trip with a bit of an attitude reset. The Fool points to that. Also, it’s the dark moon that night, and The Fool is the card I drew a long time ago to represent the upcoming month. There are lessons there. I don’t know what they are yet, but I might once I get there.

7. Saturday (Saturn) Discipline, Work, Stability Art

Your work ethic. The way you embody discipline: I think on Saturday, as I have a chance to share my week’s experiences with my husband, I will indeed have a chance to integrate all I’ve learned. Often with camping I’m so in the moment that it’s only later as I’m processing it do I see the larger lessons – or even my own patterns of thought.

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