SF BATS Report: The Lenormand w/ Marcia McCord

BATS Report Learning Lenormand.jpeg

I did it. I bought a Lenormand deck. I could not resist. Caught up in the frenzied glee of BATS, I purchased the Legendary Lenormand by Carrie Paris (created for BATS) and plopped myself in the session given by Marcia McCord.

I knew a few things. First, the deck was as delightful as anything you’d expect Carrie Paris to produce. Second, one of my tarot teachers used Marcia McCord’s picture postcard deck for a year solid she loved it so much. And then Ms. McCord said this:

“If Tarot is Mr. Right, then Lenormand is Mr. Right Now.” It was funny, and a useful way to think about the differences in the two systems. She continued in this lighthearted manner, and ended up teaching all the newbies like me the basics of The Grand Tableu spread. I was hooked, and after admiring a Lenormand someone else was using, vowed to start another collection of decks. Yes, BATS is a dangerous undertaking for just this reason.

I also had a chance to ask Ms. McCord the same question I’ve been asking everyone about what they think BATS will look like in ten years. She, of course, drew cards – but not Lenormand. After all, didn’t she just make a perfectly clear distinction between which system you use for which kind of question? She said this about her reading:

Certainly you know I would draw some cards for this question. In 2025 SF BATS will be the place where attendees can meet their hearts’ desire in cartomancy. I drew the nine of cups for personal pleasure and for me that means I’ll probably be there! That’s terrific. The event itself Will remain one of like minded, like hearted attendees who love the art of reading Tarot. And how will the community change? I drew the five of wands meaning that younger and younger attendees will become competitive in their search for bringing us the liveliest of entertainment and knowledge and techniques in Tarot. Our legacy will go on and our lively group will be inspiring others for generations to come!

I certainly hope she’s right about all of that – particularly that she will be there. She certainly helped introduce me to something I thought I’d never try with humor, ease, and warmth. I hope many other people have that pleasure in years to come.

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