Weekly Reading ReCap: 9.12.15

I spent most of the week on an island where there are more foxes and ravens than humans. My tent was under a tree, in the weeds, and next to a stump that had a bright yellow fungus growing out of it. The fungus grew larger while I was there, and the ravens picked at it.

I fell asleep in the grass for an hour on the first day. I got used to seeing in the dark at night, and wandered without my lamp as much as possible at night but often got scared as I heard foxes fighting in the bushes around me.

We kayaked around a part of the island, and went into caves. We went into one with a ‘parlor’ and ‘back room’ and there the guide turned off his headlamp. We were suspended in the water, in a cave, in the complete dark. The waves came in and slammed against the back wall with a shocking volume. And I was scared. The dark is scary.

The dark is scary. And we are coming into the dark of the year. And I get tense.

It’s tempting to turn on the lamp at night. To read the cards for clarity. But sometimes you need to sit in the dark for a bit and feel the fear a bit. To give yourself time to un-tense in the cave itself. Easier said than done.

And that is my lesson of the week. No cards needed.

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