A Box of Serendipity

Hermit's Lamp Delivery.jpeg

This last week I got my box from the Hermit’s Lamp and I’m so excited. On August 29th the store had a simultaneous online and in person sale of dozens and dozens of used decks from the collection of reader and teacher James Wells. (Some decks are still available. Check it out!) I snagged two decks – one I’d been hoping to find and one I’d never heard of before. I’ve had my eye on The Tarot of the Four Elements for a while and am really happy to have bought it from a small business rather than Amazon. As I searched through the decks for sale I Googled pictures and reviews of the decks that were unfamiliar to me – and was drawn in by the Tarot of the Trance. Both are bright, and not the least traditional.

Both decks arrived in a box with two little treasures that scream serendipity to me – a ‘thanks’ written on a single Moon card from an unfamiliar deck and a scarf. I love the idea of using cards as, well, cards and might start doing this with my less-loved decks. The Moon is a card I’ve been paying a lot of attention to lately. As Katrina Wynne reminded us at her session at BATS, we all have a shadow card – and the Moon is mine. I also smiled at the scarf. After my grandmother died I got a lot of her scarves. Many I kept, but for a long time I wrapped presents in them instead of using gift wrap. It was nice to be on the receiving end of this. I’m going to try to make this scarf into a tarot reading cloth.

And now I’m off to play with my new decks!

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