SF BATS Report: Numerology & Tarot

Katrina Wynne SF Bats.jpeg

The last session I attended at BATS was on a topic I was familiar with – numerology and the tarot. Offered by Transformative Tarot Counselor Katrina Wynne, it covered much the same ground you’ll find in Tarot, Birth Cards, and You by Bonnie Cehovet and Who Are You in the Tarot? by Mary K. Greer. Katrina started by acknowledging this, but saying that Pathworking With Tarot numerology would be focusing on how she uses the information gleaned from a client’s birth or soul cards to set the stage for a reading. As she put it, “we all have a spiritual purpose, a mission, that we have been working on without even knowing it” and knowing where someone is starting from in that bigger picture helps her to interpret the immediate action steps a tarot reading might provide.

While much of what she covered was not new to me, it was really helpful to think about that approach to readings and I have to say it’s something I’ll incorporate. As I thought about it, I realized it might even help me to choose what deck I’ll use for a client. For example, if I know my client is a 6, and currently working in a STEM field, I might choose the Alchemical Deck because it has 2 Lovers cards to choose from as well as a strong visual language around scientific experimentation and union of opposites. If I know I have a client who is a 3, and currently struggling with infertility, I might choose something gentle with lots of female imagery, like the Pearls of Wisdom deck. The Deviant Moon would be a bad choice in this case, right?

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