Weekly Reading ReCap: 9.19.15

At the end of the week I like to go back and see what my predictions were on the previous Sunday, and see if they panned out. So often we only remember the coincidence, and discount too quickly the card that missed the mark. This is a way I can keep myself honest, and improve my skills as a reader.

This week I drew a tarot card and a Lenormand card or two to both expand my use of the voyager tarot, but to start getting more familiar with Lenormand. Tarot is often a big-picture, and Lenormand can be the small.

On Sunday, I had this to say:

“This week is about habits large and small. Those of the body and those of the mind. You expressed fear about this week. You expect it to be busy. You expect hardship. And of course, it’s there in the Tower card. But the tension of 3’s and 4’s suggests that small things can add up. Your idea that this week – this month – will be hard is based on how things were in the past, but you have changed. You have changed your habits and are stronger because of it. Keep a hold of what you know to be helpful – compassion and care for yourself, strong boundaries, clear communication and asking for help when needed – and don’t over-complicate things. You are ready and able.”

Looking back, I think there was a lot of wisdom in concentrating on small habits, on self care. It made a hard week more bearable. The Lenormand cards continue to be more easily identifiable in my life. The Tarot continues to be the big themes – self care, new perspectives.

Monday: 3 of Worlds, 4 of Crystals, and then the Ring. I went to a completely different type of yoga class in the middle of the day on my day off – because how often can you go to a yoga class in the middle of a workday? It was nurturing (3) and restful (4). It also made the day feel special (Ring.)

Daily Collection 9.14.jpeg

Tuesday: 4 of Worlds, 8 of Wands, and the Letter. Wow, this day was all about communication large and small – the many e-mails I had to do to get the practicalities of my job done (4), the conversations I needed to have to make sure people felt cared for (8) and could work in harmony, and the poor word choices between my husband and I that resulted in a bad night (letter). That 8 of Wands is two sided – if words come out too fast without thinking… ugh.

Daily Collection 9.15.jpeg

Wednesday: At first I was confused by what seemed to be a mixed message – but then we got word of a death in our community. I had to react as a counselor and administrator. I also looked at my week, and could feel myself getting sick, and so canceled fitness classes that I’d planned. Sometimes cutting out an obligation is really a good idea.

Daily Collection 9.16.jpeg

Thursday: I was not looking forward to Thursday. I was not expecting things to go well. But something about the Garden made me stop and think. Yes, being the presenter is scary at an evening event. But I was well prepared and not alone. The evening went well.

Daily Collection 9.16.jpeg

Friday: Drawing a second 10 for Friday let me know I’d made the right decision to cut back on commitments and rest. It also didn’t help that our noise neighbors had been at it again. For some reason that makes me think of the Rider. I certainly left a note on their door the next morning – does that count as a message the rider can bring?

Daily Collection 9.18jpeg

Saturday: Today is a lazy day, a day for my husband to be together before a day of logistics and travel. I think that’s why the cards of both decks seem a little bit opposite each other – masculine and feminine, wishes granted but difficulty ahead.

Daily Collection 9.19.jpeg


2 thoughts on “Weekly Reading ReCap: 9.19.15

  1. What a GREAT recap. What Lenormand deck did you use? Being a semi-newbie, how do you like the Voyager deck? What made you choose it for the week? What made you choose it over a Rider-Waite type deck? Thank you for such a great blog!

    1. Stars –

      Thank you! So nice of you to say! I have been using the Black Hand Lenormand – I’m really new at that myself. As far as the Voyager, I have been meaning to do a review and will get that up ASAP. It’s a great deck but has some drawbacks. I used it for the week I guess because it was a contrast to the week before and the deck I wanted to use this week. I do use Rider-Waite decks (and am about to use the Rider-Waite-Colman for a weekly reading soon!) but hop around a lot to different decks. Just can’t settle on one! – Sjh

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