Nine Year Spread

I recently did a reading that was pretty powerful. Not only do I want to capture it, but I thought it might be a useful post for others. It was a reading based on some of the ideas around numerology that I’ve been considering since Katrina Wynne’s presentation at BATS. I haven’t done a spread before that specifically took numerology into account, but this went so well I think I might do it more often.

You see, I realized that according to numerology I’m at the start of a 9 year cycle. They say the first year is never easy – and after running numbers for the past 15+ years I have to agree. I’ve labeled all my diaries for this year ‘2015: The Messy Year’ and now that I’ve seen all the big upheavals year 1’s have brought in the past, ‘messy’ is a gift. I’m not completely sold on the idea that our lives are ruled by numbers – any more than they are ruled by stars – but it’s an interesting foundation for questioning.

So the question became, if it’s true that we function on 9 year cycles, and the start is hard but by 9 we’ve gained some sort of skill or insight, how can I be better prepared for this cycle? How can I get the most out of this phase of my life? And, also, I have to admit I am so unhappy with my career/location/educational level/practical space that I am also wondering if this cycle might see a big career change – say, going pro as a tarot reader? (Appropriate that I did this reading on Labor Day, no? And that I found a 1$ copy of I See your Dream Job written by ‘career intuitive’ and numerologist Sue Fredrick?) I thought of calling the spread ‘Fueling the Getaway Car,’ but kept it simple. I drew a card for each year, and one for the spread theme using The Gaian Tarot. It always seems to be the most appropriate for big picture stuff.

Notes on the Reading: 2 majors, back to back. 2 swords, but the last few cards are all wands.

Spread Theme: 7 of Earth (Coins)

This card is spot on. The 7 of Coins is all about pausing to look at where you are. To chart the course. To make a plan for the future. And that’s just what I hope to do.

Nine Year Reading 1.jpeg

2015: Personal Year 1: New Beginnings 5 of Air (Swords)

Confusion. Lots of ideas. Seeking identity. Mini Tower card. Survival. Challenge. Yeah, no kidding. But it does resonate. A huge reason this year is so difficult is because I am where I thought I wanted to be in my career earlier than expected, and it’s not as satisfying as I had hoped. It’s caused me to question a lot of my assumptions about who I am and how I can be both happy and of service.

2016: Personal Year 2: Cooperation & ReceptivityPriestess

Do it yourself. Community. Deep wisdom. Develop a Vision. Relationship with the Divine. Moon time. The relationship I have with the divine needs to be deepened. Only then can I  find other people who connect with the divine and their intuition like I do. That study group I want to start. This blog. Looking ahead to the rest of the spread, a community will be needed to get through some difficult years. As will a clear vision of where I cam going. Right now I feel a bit un-tethered when it comes to this, so I can see why this is a key next step.

2017: Personal Year 3: Social Expansion2 of Fire (Wands)

Enjoy community. Partnership. Pause at the threshold. Build on connections I’ve created. Kindred spirits. Perhaps a goal I can set here is to present at BATS or a similar conference? It’s also about developing a skill with words, or public speaking, so perhaps I can start teaching in some other way as well?

Nine Year Reading 2.jpeg

2018: Personal Year 22/4: Practicality6 of Air (Swords)

A journey of choice. A mini fool card. A big deal of a year. Apparently, as this year is a 22 for me (which reduces to a 4) it’s a amplified year. According to I See Your Dream Job by Sue Frederick, this is the year to “bring your most advanced ideas into realistic and workable form.” This year seems to be about A) getting your ducks in a row and B) going somewhere with an open mind. Could this be the year I take a career leap and go pro? Or is it simply a year to prepare for two hard years ahead?

2019: Personal Year 5: Unexpected Change#7 Canoe (Chariot)

Moving forward fast. Spiritual agency. Move your desires in tandem. 1/2 and 1/2. Focus on freedom. This is a pretty clear indicator of changing careers and taking a leap into going pro. Its also a warning that if I do I had better hold on tight as it will be a heck of a ride! Interestingly enough, this was the year we said we’d move out of the location/jobs we are in now. An indicator that at least part of the plan will come true.

2020: Personal Year 6: Family & Responsibility#13 Death

Family. Your desires are in the backseat. Transformation. Yuck, I hate seeing this card in connection with family. I have two parents who both had health scares recently. I do worry. Could this also be a year of real transformation of my marriage? One of the fantasies we circle around is me working and him at home. I’m so much happier at a job, and he’s so much happier as a caretaker (and so good at it!). We’d also love to work together – I wonder if this means I’d be pro, he’d be helping me? That would be a year of transition, compromise and putting my desires second for the sake of a working relationship with someone I love.

Nine Year Reading 3.jpeg

2021: Personal Year 7: Withdraw & Re-examine8 of Fire (Wands)

Writing. Inspiration. Action. Claim Recognition. I think this is a signal that if I do well to build a solid foundation, the fruits of that will bear out. I have always wanted to be a writer, to write books in a loft somewhere. I would love it if this was one of the ways success manifested. The 7th year is a ‘sabbatical’ and what better way to spend a sabbatical than writing?

2022: Personal Year 8: Success & Self-Promotion3 of Fire (Wands)

Publish. Abundance. Share. Adventure. Don’t hide. Provide leadership. This is the year to promote a book, fund a business, and capitalize on the work done. Also, in the Gaian Tarot the threes are a small closure of something. Does it speak about that 2 of Fire from earlier? If my goal is to not being my current career anymore and go pro and be open about the fact that I read tarot cards than this card signals success for that in the 8th year. Wow.

2023: Personal Year 9: Conclusion7 of fire (Wands)

Authentic self. Take no shit. Sovereignty. The year not to pass up an opportunity to forge ahead. The card says to ‘strike while the iron is hot!’ as well. I don’t know what this opportunity is, but I like that the end of the 9th year is a doorway to something fabulous.

One thought on “Nine Year Spread

  1. That is an interesting concept. Thank you for sharing this, I think I will go and see where I am in a 9 year cycle. BB

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