Weekly Reading 9.27.15

Red Moon Tarot Star of the Magi.jpeg

Star of the Magi: Sunday, September 27th, 2015
Deck: Red Moon Tarot (My own DIY deck from postcards!)

1. Sunday (Sun) True Self, Ego, Life Force, Money Emperor
2. Monday (Moon)Emotions, Changes, Journeys 2 of Swords
3. Tuesday (Mars) Ambition, Energy, Risk 8 of Swords
4. Wednesday (Mercury) Communication, Business Matters Magician 
5. Thursday (Jupiter) Faith, Luck, Abundance Queen of Wands
6. Friday (Venus) Love, Beauty, Pleasure Page of Wands
7. Saturday (Saturn) Discipline, Work, Stability 4 of Wands

Click Here for the Deck Interview

Notes on Spread: 2 Majors – one on a key day. The week is really in two parts – one in the office and one at a conference – so it’s no surprise that the cards are Swords and then Wands.

Thoughts for the Week:

If I was a client, I think I’d say: “This is a spread about a lot of things. On a big scale, it’s about taking action, not just making plans. The Emperor and the Magician are here to teach you lessons about how to move from indecision to action – from thinking in your own head into letting other people into on your projects. It’s also about the logistics of the week. You mentioned that the week was a big one, and a bit scattered in terms of asking one thing then another. The cards represent this. Sunday is a big day for you to plan, and build a foundation for yourself to be successful. It’s followed by two days of massive indecision and calm if frustratingly circular conversation. Then, it’s a day of transition, where you get a bit of power back. Whatever you plan on Sunday you need to make sure to put it into practice with the aid of the Magician. Then, you’ll spend the rest of the week putting on your best extroverted act networking – lots of conversation again but of a completely different nature. ”

1. Sunday (Sun) True Self, Ego, Life Force, Money Emperor

How you get your life force revitalized: “Plan, plan, plan. Plant seeds, draw up Excel files, and get the pantry stocked with good food.”

2. Monday (Moon) Emotions, Changes, Journeys 2 of Swords

How you get your emotional needs met: “The card of indecision and stalemate. Not at all surprising as you have a bunch of students in the middle of a journey with an assignment due that forces decision making. It’s also likely a nudge to you about moving beyond an either-or thinking pattern. Could you have both? Why not?”

3. Tuesday (Mars) Ambition, Energy, Risk  8 of Swords

How you express your energy. Your drives: “The card of making things more difficult than they really are. Again, no wonder with what’s happening with your students. It’s also perhaps a nudge to you about taking a risk to move beyond the trap you set for yourself with too many negative thoughts or over-planning.”

4. Wednesday (Mercury) Communication, Business Matters Magician

Your communication style. What stimulates you intellectually: “What a great card to get for your wedding anniversary! Have a little fun making dreams real with a partner. Also, as this is a card on the day of business matters, it relates to the Emperor. How can the magician help with whatever the Emperor wants to accomplish? ”

5. Thursday (Jupiter) Faith, Luck, Abundance Queen of Wands

How you achieve a sense of faith and optimism: “You are headed to a conference. Could the Queen be your traveling companion? Could it be you? Have some confidence, get out there, and you’ll really enjoy yourself.”

6. Friday (Venus) Love, Beauty, Pleasure Page of Wands

How you express love. Who/What attracts you: “At the conference, you’ll meet great people, and perhaps reconnect with friends and kindred spirits.”

7. Saturday (Saturn) Discipline, Work, Stability 4 of Wands 

Your work ethic. The way you embody discipline: “The card of networking. By day three introverted little you will be exhausted. Hang in there – you are there for work and you will do your job.”

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