Music for Tarot Readings: Hildegard Von Bigen

Music for Tarot Readings HeaderSometimes you need a little help to set the mood for a tarot reading. Music can block out the noisy neighbor, the frustrating day you just had, or simply bring you from the ordinary world into a space of calm introspection. It’s also hugely helpful when reading for others who might be nervous or skeptical. In this series of posts I wanted to highlight the artists and albums that get me all ready for divination. 

Sometimes you want a little Gothic flair for a tarot reading. Have I got a suggestion for you! Try Hildegard von Bigen. She was German abbess, herbalist, composer and mystic. Her work is hauntingly beautiful and you don’t even need to understand the Latin to know she was the type of person who would have appreciated a tool like tarot for delving into the unconscious.

I have several recordings. My favorite is Vision, but it’s not for everyone. Richard Souther takes the liturgical compositions of Hildegard and gives them a bit of a techno dance background. It’s trippy and dramatic. For something more traditional, go with 11,00 Virgins: Chants for the Feast of St. Ursula performed by the medieval group Anonymous 4. It’s chant, but less monks droning and more women celebrating.

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