Music for Tarot Readings: Garth Stevenson

Music for Tarot Readings HeaderSometimes you need a little help to set the mood for a tarot reading. Music can block out the noisy neighbor, the frustrating day you just had, or simply bring you from the ordinary world into a space of calm introspection. It’s also hugely helpful when reading for others who might be nervous or skeptical. In this series of posts I wanted to highlight the artists and albums that get me all ready for divination. 

When you are sitting down with a nature-inspired deck like The Gaian Tarot or perhaps the Wild Unknown, you want a soundtrack that sounds like a landscape. Something lovely, but not overly structured or distracting. George Winston is a great idea, but his stuff can seem a bit dated and piano is a little expected. I’d like to suggest Garth Stevenson. His album Flying is amazing. I discovered it through a free preview in Yoga Journal – he is a darling of the yoga community – and it’s been on heavy rotation for both yoga and tarot sessions. The base is deep and gentle, and the compositions seem effortless. It’s like someone bottled the Great Plains.

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