Dark Goddess Tarot Deck Review

Dark Goddess Deck Review.jpeg

I found it very difficult to follow my typical pattern with this deck. Normally I interview a deck, then do my weekly Star of the Magi spread, work with the deck for the week, and then do a review. None of that worked with The Dark Goddess Tarot.

I didn’t do a deck interview – the reason you interview a deck it to find it’s strengths and weaknesses. I already knew these, and it was played out across the week as I used the deck. The Dark Goddess deck is fantastic for a single-card, oracle reading. Oracles in ritual circle, for contemplation. I bought the deck specifically for working in circles with others in dark moon groups or in circles in the dark part of the year.  Every time it is used in this way, it’s like holding a cell phone with an open line to the numinous in your hands. It’s the same with the Tarot of the Crone, the other deck I have by the artist. Seriously, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has some major skills.

The flip side? The deck’s not so great for larger readings. Every card is a goddess, after all. A big one. A dark one. Kali, Ishtar, Athena – these huge stories and personalities all in one reading make for too many cooks in a kitchen and way too much information!

This is not to say that it doesn’t function like a tarot deck. With one or two cards you can get a rich, deep message to explore. For example, I have noisy neighbors and did a quick reading – almost joking – about if I should stay and continue to complain to management or if I should go and find a new place to live. I got Six of Air : Scathach. The 6 of Swords is a clear answer to a question that involves moving – it’s almost always a picture of people heading out on a journey in a boat. The goddess? Not so sure her story helps me here. The second card was the Ace of Fire. This also does not help me – but the goddess is Vesta, the goddess of the home. It’s a clear and powerful reading: Journey to find a place where you can have a real hearth. The combination, and the extra layers that a goddess tarot deck provides is very helpful.

So that’s my abbreviated review. I love the deck. So glad it’s in my collection. But I’ll only use it for specific purposes.

One thought on “Dark Goddess Tarot Deck Review

  1. Interesting, thank you. I like the look of this deck but like you say, too many personalities can get a bit overwhelming. Using it as you do, it sounds very helpful. BB

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