UnBirthday 12-Card Reading 10.15

12 Card UnBirthday 10.25.15 Take Two.jpeg

October 25-26th is my un-birthday. It’s not exactly 6 months from my real birthday, but close enough. It’s also the anniversary of a car accident that left me broken in more ways than one. I have fought long and hard to recover from the physical and emotional wounds, and now the day has become a personal holiday, when I take time to see how far I’ve come and plan my future. So, I’ve taken to doing a 12-card reading for myself on this day in addition to the 12-card readings I do at the new year and on my actual birthday.

I layout the cards in an astrological spread. Like the 7 card Star of the Magi spread I’ve been working with in this blog, each of the 12 cards represent a specific point in time (the month when the sun is in that sign) and also an aspect of my life (according to the houses of astrology). I have not fully digested all the information in the spread, but I’m going to record it, and return to it throughout the year. So far, these are my initial impressions.

12-Card Year Reading: Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Notes on Deck: The Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Rider-Waite Deck is the deck to use for all important things, right? Also, as it’s almost Halloween, it’s appropriate.

Notes on Spread: Ugh. Lots of my least-favorite cards. The 6, 7, 9, and 10 of Swords! The Moon, too. All cards I avoid. I guess this means I have a lot of challenge headed my way – lots of opportunities to face some fears. This was expected, I guess, and something I asked for. This is the 10th anniversary of the day this became my Un-Birthday, and I wanted to see about moving on. You can’t move on until you confront fears, right? The Outcome cards of the Queen of Cups and 4 of Swords point to a reason for all the turmoil, and peace at the end.

Thoughts on the Reading: If I was a client, I’d say, “There is a tension here. In one way the Aces, Two and Three of Wands that point to a beginning of sorts. As Wands are about our passions, our spirits, and often work, it’s safe to say you’ll be thinking of yourself in new ways and perhaps contemplating a career change. Now, the way you think of yourself given this new project (Knight of Wands) might be at odds with how others see you now (King of Cups) and that will cause some tensions. You might feel like a bit of a fraud at times this year, or if you are hiding your true self. The 9 and 10 of Swords, as well as the Moon, point to the ending of something – and not in a nice or easy way. You are in for worry, uncertainty, and even an unexpected ending. You might be looking at an unexpected job loss or other setback. The good news is that something you don’t like is ending after something else you will like has already begun. I want to say that it’s not a replacement, but something is uncovered. My best advice is to move forward with what gets you excited – whatever makes you feel like you are on fire with a project, idea, or plan. That will balance the blow of whatever the swords represent. In the end, the outcome cards speak to you of emotional well being and a well-deserved rest. It won’t be an easy year, but it will be important and worth it.”

October – November (October 23-November 21 – Scorpio – Eighth House)
sex, death, legacies, occult, external influences

2 of Wands: This is actually a great card here. I’ve been thinking a lot about a project that’s close to the bone for me in terms of my spirituality (sex, death, occult), and recently asked for help. This bodes well. It’s also great that it falls in the month my husband and I are looking for a new home (legacies, external influences) – working together towards something we are both excited about.

November – December (November 22-December 21 – Sagittarius – Ninth House)
higher education, law, religion, dreams, travel

5 of Cups: Another intimidating card that might actually be in a great position. In December I’ll be doing a project I call #Trumptheyear. It’s a series of journal prompts I do every year to help gain closure on the past and clarity for goal setting. It’s great way to work with the 5 of Cups!

December – January (December 22-January 19 – Capricorn – Tenth House)
public life, career, profession, ambitions, honors

Knight of Wands: I know that this is how I am seen professionally, so it’s nice to see that it will continue. It also bodes well as I might need some extra energy right at the start of the year for making a move.

January – February (January 20-February 18 – Aquarius – Eleventh House)
friends, associations, groups, wishes

3 Wands: A lovely card to see when it comes to associations and friends.

February – March ( February 19-March 20 – Pisces – Twelfth House)
unconscious mind, karma, secrets, hidden limitations

Ace of Wands: I have no idea what this means here. A new idea? A new way to see myself?

March – April (March 21-April 19 – Aries – First House)
all beginnings, personality, potential, outward appearance

King of Cups: Nice to see the card of emotional maturity and calm emotions in my birth month. I don’t always love April at work, so I need all the help I can get.

April – May (April 20-May 20 – Taurus – Second House)
what one values, tangible assets, material possessions

10 Swords: As cards go, this is not one you want to see in part of the reading on assets and material possessions. It’s a mini tower card, after all. House fire? Earth quake? Loss of a job? Or, more likely, is this how I will feel about my job at the end of the school year – as I did last year? Sometimes the 10 is a warning that you need to leave before you are forced out.

May – June (May 21-June 20 – Gemini – Third House)
mental activity, communication, writing, siblings, neighbors

7 of Swords: One of the meanings of this card is secrecy and underhandedness. Another is “take what you need.” June is the end of my year, where I close the books on how I have done in actual and metaphorical ways. The last time I took what I needed in June I was making sure that he presentations I’d done at my job were copies on to a flash drive – not to take the presentations wholesale, but to reference for the future. I am glad I did now that I’m the boss in this new job – it’s like having notes from that really useful class you took open in front of you.

June – July (June 21-July 22 – Cancer – Fourth house)
private life, home, family, parents

The Moon: Well, I am surprised and not. This is a card the represents a lot of things I know I need to deal with this year. I just don’t want to. I guess this year, I have no choice. Also, as it’s in the house of family, I might learn something about a family member they would prefer to keep hidden.

July – August (July 23-August 22 – Leo – Fifth House)
creativity, emotions, romance, children, art

 3 of Cups: A flat-out great card to see. I’ve struggled the last year and a half to find my people in this new town. I could really use a group of friends like those on the cards. But I wonder, as it’s in the Fifth House, does it mean a more private celebration between me and my husband?

August – September ( August 23-September 22 – Virgo – Sixth House)
health, work, hygiene, service

6 of Swords: The card of journeys in the house of service. I’m stumped. Perhaps I’ll need to move to be of service? I’d like to think it’s a signal that I will have moved on from the reason I did this reading in the first place – that would be great mental hygiene!

September – October (September 23-October 22 – Libra – Seventh House)
relationships, marriage, partnerships, contracts

9 of Swords: Great. The nightmare card in the house of marriage, contracts. I’ll be worried again this time next year, but about other things.

Outcome Cards: (I drew these because I simply could not end on a 9 of Swords!) Queen of Cups, 4 of Swords. These are actually great. The Queen is someone I see when I am on the right path with my tarot studies. The 4 of Swords is an introvert’s paradise. Dare I think that all the turmoil of the year might lead me to living the life I really want as a professional reader? Only time will tell.

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