Music for Tarot Readings: Agnes Obel

Music for Tarot Readings HeaderSometimes you need a little help to set the mood for a tarot reading. Music can block out the noisy neighbor, the frustrating day you just had, or simply bring you from the ordinary world into a space of calm introspection. It’s also hugely helpful when reading for others who might be nervous or skeptical. In this series of posts I wanted to highlight the artists and albums that get me all ready for divination. 

It’s around Halloween as I write this and I wanted some music to play in the background was appropriately creepy, but not cheesy. Agnes Obel‘s second album Aventine is perfect. Some pieces are instrumental, some are not. Almost all have a floating, dreamy quality to them and often in songs you hear a ping-ping of something unfamiliar that is just a bit ‘off’ so you are distracted and a touch on edge. Her voice is also just a little blurry and hard to understand – she is Danish, singing in English – so it’s as if someone is talking to you from another room. Perfect for a reading late at night in the dark, or when you want to set the stage for a ‘real’ gypsy fortune telling session.

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