Music for Tarot Readings: Ocean Waves

Music for Tarot Readings HeaderSometimes you need a little help to set the mood for a tarot reading. Music can block out the noisy neighbor, the frustrating day you just had, or simply bring you from the ordinary world into a space of calm introspection. It’s also hugely helpful when reading for others who might be nervous or skeptical. In this series of posts, I wanted to highlight the artists and albums that get me all ready for divination. 

(This is the last in this series.) And sometimes, you don’t want music at all. But you want calming noise. When that’s sound that’s called for, I pull up the one album of nature sounds I own – Deuter‘s Ocean Waves. It’s a recording of waves from different beaches all over the world. Each ‘song’ is titled for the place.  Each recording really is remarkably different, enough so that I actually have a favorite. It’s a nice compliment to a reading you are doing for yourself, or one where you might need to take a lot of long, slow breaths. I’m really not one for nature sounds, but it does the job.

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