1 Week Until Trump The Year 2015

Trump the Year Journals.jpeg

Looking for clarity on this crazy year? A little closure? Want to set powerful intentions for the next? I can help.

For the past 5 years I have used the same questions as journal prompts in December. These 22 questions – inspired by the Major Arcana – have sparked the most useful and cathartic journaling of my life. In 2015, I want to share these questions with the tarot community so we can all work through the Major Arcana to find closure, clarity, and peace for the new year.

Starting December 1st I’ll publicly post my private journal – the card of the day, the question, the works. I’ll be using the hashtag #TrumpTheYear so you can also follow along on social media.

If you want to join in, please let me know by e-mailing me. (Sevencardspread at gmail) I’ll send you the first prompt on November 29th, and each of the 22 days after. (I will only use your e-mail for that – no spam, no third parties!) If you’d like me to put a link to your site in my daily posting to encourage others to visit your blog, please let me know.

My goal is to help our community learn more about ourselves and each other using what we all love – those 22 Trumps!

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