Shout-Out Saturday: Ghetto Tarot

I got my copy of the Ghetto Tarot recently, and while I’m taking my time before using it in a personal reading (you have to wait for the right one, you know!) I’ve enjoyed learning about the progress of the deck via the newsletter. After all, it’s more than a deck. It’s a project about dignity, and finding common ground through art.

Right after the attacks in Paris, I got a newsletter from Alice Smeets, the photographer on the project. She’d gotten to Paris hours before the attacks happened. She had this to say:

Walking through the streets of Paris, I could sense the fear and a lack of understanding of what had just happened. And I heard people speak words of hatred. On Saturday afternoon I performed an Hawaiian forgiveness ritual called Ho’oponopono. I looked for the traits and energies that the attackers and I shared and than I forgave myself and them as well. I imagined how horribly they must have been treated when they were kids and how much hatred they must have had against themselves. I felt compassion. When we went to the workshop on Sunday, we all knew that it was no surprise we had been called there to bring healing to a city in fear.

I’d known that this deck was made with compassion, and a hope for finding common ground. This confirmed it. May tarot be a healing tool for all of us. May she stay safe, and able to continue her work.

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