Trump the Year: Death

The Wild Unknown, Mary El, Dark Goddess, Housewife, and Light Grey Tarot
The Wild Unknown, Mary El, Dark Goddess, Housewife, and Light Grey Tarot

(For the past 5 years I have used the same journal prompts in December for my personal blog Hurry Slowly. Inspired by the #Reverb10 prompts, I have kept the best and added a few of my own. Interestingly enough, I have 22 favorite prompts, and they match up nicely with the Major Arcana, so this year I’ve decided to call it #TrumpTheYear.)

DEATH. What are 7 things your life doesn’t need in the new year? How will getting rid of these 7 things change your life?

  1. The idea that I’m a good seamstress. I suck at it and nothing works out like the pictures. Next year, I take Craftsy classes so I can re-learn the basics and stop wasting fabric.
  2. This much take out. It’s pathetic. Although it’s really cool that the guys at the burrito place give us preferential treatment and the ladies at the Thai place don’t even ask for my order any more.
  3. Zits. I have had the worst skin problems this year. I’ve tried everything. I am finally going to meet with my doctor. Organic lotion be damned. Give me some freaking chemicals.
  4. The two guys upstairs. They walk like elephants. They watch loud TV at 2 AM. They have friends who scream and like terrible techno. I’m tired of telling them to quiet down. We are moving.
  5.  Apparently, 89 things – books, shoes, clothes, etc… I woke up one day and did a sweep of this place and next thing I know I have stacks and bags of things – 89 in total – ready for donation.
  6. Bad yoga classes. I’ve walked out of two already. My time is too precious for a 22 year old who has clearly never had an injury in her life to walk me through a routine with no modifications while playing really loud music and saying ‘feel your biceps … find your heart … push through the pain to find your inner warrior’ I’m not the only 40 something woman to abandon ship, and complain to the management.
  7. Traffic. Ok. I have no solution for this. But perhaps I can learn Spanish while I drive or something.

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