Weekly Planner Spread 2/21/16

I have been doing the Star of the Magi Spread for my weekly reading for, oh, years now. It’s time to shake things up and the Weekly Planner Spread from The Tarot Parlor looked like a good bet. Even better, it’s a seven card spread!

Tarot of the Trance Weekly Reading.jpeg

I used my new-to-me copy of the Tarot of the Trance, and noticed right away that the cards told a story of sorts with the images that came up. First, the sun image could not be ignored. It’s pierced by a bird/sword in the first card, is tripled in the second card, and in the last card is full and happy. Also, there are pink flowers here, two in the second card, that then seem wilted in the fifth, and then highly stylized in the last. Repeated motifs like this are really helpful in a deck, as they give you something to hang your reading on, even in the cards don’t make sense on their own at first.

Card #1Theme/General Energy of the Week

Ace of Swords – Sobriety. Order. Cutting to the heart of the matter. As the LWB says “structuring emotional chaos.” I like that as a description of what I do for teenagers. Also, this week is chaotic – field trips and guest lectures and in-laws visiting and all kinds of things. I should be the Ace of Swords to get it all done – sober, calm, and efficient.

Card #2What I Most Need to Focus on This Week

Princess of Coins – according to the LWB she is “completely wrapped up in activity” and “uses activity as a source of inspiration.” Or, in other words, be there while you are there. Be present and awake in every moment of the chaos and you won’t get grumpy, you’ll see the good stuff.

Card #3Challenges That May Come Up This Week

Six of Coins – When I turned this over, I immediately thought of the line in the Shakespeare sonnet “nothing like the sun.” There are three candles and three suns here, and it’s like the candles are trying to mimic the suns. Burn the candle at both ends? Yup. That’s apt for this week. But also, perhaps to remember that the busy week has a purpose, and even in my small way I’m trying to do something big and meaningful for the kids I work with.

Card #4Advice/What Strengths I can Use to Overcome These Challenges

Three of Coins –  I always think of this as the card of cooperation in the workplace. And so, I think the advice here is clear – you have a team. Act like it. You have coworkers you like, a husband who is supportive – there is no need to do it all yourself.

She lays these cards out as a pyramid, and then suggests three underneath those, with a focus that’s personalized. For me, the extra areas of my life that need focus are work, family, and my tarot practice. 

Card #5 – Work

Five of Wands – Yipes. Unproductive conflict. Also, those pink flowers are wilting in vases. I think the advice here is to not let the hustle-bustle turn into something that burns me out. Busy will happen. Burnout is optional and about my attitude.

Card #6 Family/ Relationships 

Three of Swords – Double Yipes. I think this card always comes up when I need to watch what I say. I’ll be tired this week, so I’ll need to make sure that doesn’t turn me into a grumpy old lady who says whatever she is thinking.

Cards #7Tarot Practice

The Sun – Interesting. Perhaps a nod to the great advice from this spread and moment of intention setting? Will my tarot practice be the sunny bit of the week? I can certainly try and make that true!

If this was for a client I’d say: This is a great week to make time to meditate every day, and perhaps book a 10 minute time-out before or after lunch each day to regroup.  Why? Well, this week has the potential to be full of hectic, unproductive energy. Keep in mind that some things are urgent and important, and some things are urgent but unimportant. You need to stay calm, stay in the moment, and stay grounded in reality so you can discern what deserves your calm but effective attention – and what is just stressful noise. This will be the difference between, say, productive conversation where people respectfully disagree and family or co-workers sniping at each other. You can be the factor that makes this a week that’s completely overwhelming because it’s so busy or a week that was full, but had some really bright moments. So keep drawing a daily card, but also make sure that you do some deep breathing, too!

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