For the Potlatch Table

I’ll be headed to the Northwest Tarot Symposium this weekend, and have identified a few decks that are headed with me. They will be put on the potlatch table for a take-one leave-one exchange. These are not decks that are unlovable. They simply don’t speak to me and deserve better than sitting at the bottom of my box of cards gathering dust.

Included in this bag o’ goodies are the following decks:

Giveaway decks 2.jpeg

World Spirit Tarot – I just can’t get over the fact that the people on the Earth cards are brown and on an African Sahara and the people on the Air cards are blue and all look Nordic and are surrounded by snow. Ick. Many love this deck, and regularly call for another printing. May this deck find one of those people.

The Keeper of Worlds Tarot – may it find an Arthurian fanatic. I am not one. I do not have time to learn enough of the legend to make this useful.

The Goddess Tarot – a great addition to any collection! Just not mine.

Art Nouveau Tarot, Travel Size – I have a travel deck I love. I’m setting this one free.

Giveaway decks 1.jpeg

The Intuitive Tarot – lovely, but the white, alien-faced, gender-less people creep me out.

Deviant Moon – we’ve discussed this already.

Golden Tarot of Klimt – only for the true art lover. Otherwise it feels forced. Also, lots of emaciated white people.

Animals Divine – such a cool deck. Just not for me.

Shapshifter Tarot – soooo soft and sweet. I need edgier decks.

In each deck’s plastic bag I’ve placed my card, and a good luck note. I hope, at the very least to make someone very happy with a new deck. I might even make a friend!


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