Weekly Planner Spread 3/13/2016

I have been doing the Star of the Magi Spread for my weekly reading for, oh, years now. It’s time to shake things up and the Weekly Planner Spread from The Tarot Parlor looked like a good bet. Even better, it’s a seven card spread!

Tarot of Prague Weekly Planner.jpeg

Card #1Theme/General Energy of the Week

King of Cups. “Controlled Creativity”  The text by the authors speaks of a king who is doing what his people need him to do, but would rather be swimming with the mermaids. I see a man who has his back to a beautiful view. How am I doing that in my own life – ignoring the fun in favor of taking care of people emotionally? I put a lot of my creativity on hold to get the day-to-day done, and it is starting to really bother me.

Card #2What I Most Need to Focus on This Week

9 of Coins.  Prosperity. Satisfaction at being able to provide for yourself. I always view this as something in the future. This is a reminder that it’s here, now. Our taxes are done, and we are ok. Wills have been signed, and so the future is planned for. Perhaps I need to relax a bit and enjoy.

Card #3Challenges That May Come Up This Week

2 of Wands. “Restless Satisfaction.” The typical figure is here, in the background, word in her hands. But what’s next? What would that King of Cups do if he really could do anything?

Card #4Advice/What Strengths I can Use to Overcome These Challenges

9 of Cups.  And on cue, the ‘wish card’. I think I need to make some wishes, some plans for that King of Cups this week. Also, along with that 9 of Coins, sometimes we need a reminder that having even ‘ordinary’ things like a comfortable home and loving people around us represents a wish fulfilled.

She lays these cards out as a pyramid, and then suggests three underneath those, with a focus that’s personalized. For me, the extra areas of my life that need focus are work, family, and my tarot practice. 

Card #5 – Work

Queen of Cups. Well, this is THE card that comes up for me when I do readings about work. The mastery of the queen is needed for the counseling I do, and the nature of water is also needed if I’m to be a good, kind, and empathetic counselor.

Card #6 Family/ Relationships 

6 of Wands. Another sign to celebrate. There have been several victories recently in my own home and in my parent’s house – oddly both related to caring for people financially (9 of Coins) and enjoying successes (9 of Cups).

Cards #7Tarot Practice

3 of Swords. Well, no one likes this card. Should I be worried someone’s using my images and blog posts? Should I be worried that my work with tarot will hurt me in some way? I was planning to bring in a tarot deck to work, to leave in a basked on my desk where I normally leave cards with images of famous women, but perhaps I’ll wait on that.

If this was for a client I’d say: This is a week that will help you get some much-needed perspective on all the gifts you have, all the prosperity you enjoy, and the ideas or obligations that hold you back from even more. So, this week, make a point to say ‘thank you’ for every little thing – good food, cars that work, and a job. It’s enormous, this wealth of yours. Then, also dream of a bit more. You have a great job, but you want to do something else, and those 9’s signal that a new chapter is ready to start. It’s so frustrating not to be able to as quickly as you like – that 6 of Wands gives us a taste but not enough – but what steps can you take now? One word of caution, however, if it’s about tarot play the cards close to the vest this week.

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