Weekly Planner Spread 3/20/16

I have been doing the Star of the Magi Spread for my weekly reading for, oh, years now. It’s time to shake things up and the Weekly Planner Spread from The Tarot Parlor looked like a good bet. Even better, it’s a seven card spread!

Dali Tarot Weekly Planner.jpeg

Click here for the Deck Interview with the Dali Tarot.

Card #1Theme/General Energy of the Week

3 of Coins – “The Calling.” I like that interpretation for a card I often associate with work. I think of this card as often an extension of the 2 of coins – balancing 2 gigs – to balancing work, side-hustle, and your life. This is very much where I’m at right now, as I’m thinking about my job/career, the side hustle I’d like to start, and how to just be a human who takes care of her body, mind, and family.

Card #2What I Most Need to Focus on This Week

Temperance – a great follow-up message to the theme of the week. The 3 of Coins does seem to imply separation, and that’s the way I think about things like work, side-work, and life. But does it need to be so separate? Last week at this time I was thinking of bringing a very gentle and non-tarot deck looking deck into my office to replace the cards of famous women I have on my table, but got the message I should wait. This feels like a go-ahead. Bring a little tarot to work, and a little work to tarot.

Card #3Challenges That May Come Up This Week 

Strength – There she is, the card that’s been stalking me. It’s all about patience with this card. Right now, no rushing in like a lion for me. Fire is not the answer, it burns the place down. But water, on the other hand, can wear away anything. This and the 7 of Coins have popped up a lot lately, saying ‘do something every day, and you’ll get there.’ I have to keep that in mind.

Card #4Advice/What Strengths I can Use to Overcome These Challenges

Ace of Swords – Use your head. A great idea will help you move forward.

She lays these cards out as a pyramid, and then suggests three underneath those, with a focus that’s personalized. For me, the extra areas of my life that need focus are work, family, and my tarot practice. 

Card #5 – Work

The Hierophant – Yup. It’s that time of year. I’ll need to dole out lots of advice on behalf of institutions of education. No surprise there.

Card #6 Family/ Relationships 

King of Cups – The book that comes with this deck says “living is desiring” for this card. I like that. I’ll pay attention to desires – mine, those that I love – this week.

Cards #7Tarot Practice

5 of Swords – Interesting. Not my favorite card, but the advice from the book is promising. Look at your victories and your defeats. I do need to re-calibrate things with my tarot practice, this blog, etc… as I approach my one-year anniversary of doing this. What’s working? What’s not? The 5, like the 7, is about wasted or miss-used or miss-appropriated energy. Where have I spent energy that does not help me towards my goals?

If this was for a client I’d say: This is a week where you get a lot of perspective about how you work. This idea of work is broad – who are you when you are at your job? At home? In the side-hustle? Where are you most yourself? Most strong? Most patient? Most knowledgeable? Where can you take the best parts of all of those selves, and combine them? The answers to those kinds of questions are the work of the week. You will not see swift changes on anything this week. You are not going to make ‘progress,’ but the process is more important right now. Pay attention to who you are when you are working, who you wish you could be instead. Those desires – what we envy – can be fruitful. Specifically? I’d recommend reading The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, and making a point to count to ten in any stressful situation so that you can be the woman who is calm enough to control the lion at home, the sage Dumbledore at school, and are able to stand in the middle of all your worlds in calm peace like the man (I think it’s Jesus!) on the 3 of Coins card.

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