Treasure Map Spread

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The first new moon after the Spring Equinox is said to be great for ‘Treasure Mapping’ with a vision board. (If you have never done a vision board, I do recommend it. Seriously, look it up.) I wanted to take this a step further, and add a tarot reading to my process. I’ve designed a spread I’m really happy with, and wanted to share. Unlike a vision board ‘Treasure Map’ which people say must be done on this new moon exactly, I think this reading would work anytime. But, I will admit it’s extra powerful and interesting to do this reading actually on your board!

Treasure Map Spread on Board.jpg

My inspiration was, obviously, a treasure map so the first two positions are the ‘Treasure Hunter’ and ‘X Marks the Spot’. Both these cards are chosen by you (or your client), from a face-up deck. One is Signifier for how you feel at this present moment, and the other is what you hope will be a Signifier for you in exactly one year.

It’s good to take some time and really think about that last part – what can you reasonably get done or change in a year? I want to live in a cottage in a snowy state and read tarot full time. I’ll do it too – but I’m not going to make a transition from my rental apartment in a desert state and full time job in a totally different field in one short year. I could, but it’s not part of the long-term plan that involves loving my spouse who loves his job and wanting to build a nest egg and preferring to take my time when picking a forever home. If I choose a card (or make a vision board) that’s all about that long-term snowy cottage lifestyle, I’m going to be disappointed and disillusioned pretty quickly. So, make sure that second card is reasonable for changes that can happen in your life in one year.

I picked the Ace of Wands to represent myself now, at the start of building my tarot practice by offering readings for feedback. I picked the 2 of Coins to represent where I’d like to be in a year – still working full time with a fledgling tarot business on the side that’s just starting to become enough of a commitment that I’m thinking of re-ordering priorities.  I also thought about the numbers of these choices – I’m at the start of something, so the Aces made perfect sense, and going from 0 to 2 seems reasonable in a year.

Treasure Map Spread.jpg

The rest of the cards are chosen face down, and represent the compass that’s on every good map, but they do not represent North, South, East or West.

Position 3: something or someone to help you get closer to your goals

5 of Wands. At first this doesn’t seem to be a positive card, but instead of conflict I thought of some good advice – let them poke holes. As a manager, I often go into a staff meeting with an idea, and offer it up to my staff to ‘poke holes in.’ I hate the process, but love the results because the people I hire are smart and all look at things differently than I do so they can see problems I can’t. Plans get stronger as a result. So, I should put ever process in my workflow and offering for my clients through the wringer. It’s not pleasant to thing about getting negative feedback, but how else will you get better?

Position 4:– something or someone that distracts from your goals

Page of Wands. Ugh. This is so me right now. I thought about using it for the signifier card. I get so fired up about things I rush in without spell-checking, fact-checking or anything. (This post, for example.) I can’t let my enthusiasm get the better of me when I’m growing a business. Sigh. I’m the someone who distracts myself from these goals!

Position 5:– something you’ll need to give up or stop doing to reach your goals

9 of Cups. The Wish Card. Stop wising and hoping. Makes sense as the next card is…

Position 6:– something you’ll need to acquire or start doing when you are closer to your goals

7 of Cups. The Choosing Card. I’ll have to stop dreaming and make some choices already. I bet after keeping my enthusiasm in check so I don’t rush, putting things to a test, I’ll be in a place where my moves are less wishes and more actual plans and choices.

Lastly, the 7th card, ‘The Arrow,’ offers up a bit of magic and mystery. It’s the arrow that orients you on a map and speaks of a little bit of synchronicity to be on the lookout for as you move from position 1 to 2 over the course of a year. We all need that little bit of extra advice from the universe, right?

3 of Coins. Ooo, love that. The Collaboration Card. It’s lovely to think that if I do things right, the universe might send a partner or playmate my way – someone who ‘gets’ me and what I want to do, and can help me along the way.

At this point, I pulled out a new Lenormand deck, Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand. It’s a lovely little deck with images pulled straight from the Rider-Waite-Smith. I’ve been wanting to see if the decks really are simpatico, and I was not disappointed. Adding the Lenormand to the reading added a layer of specificity.

Treasure Map Spread with Lenormand.jpg

5 of Wands + House: Let people close to home help test your plans. Great advice. My husband is really supportive of my efforts, and even though he’s not into ‘all this tarot stuff’ he lets me do readings for him and asks lots of questions. Often, he stumps me, which is embarrassing but better him than a client, right? This idea was reinforced by the other cards.

3 of Coins + Dog: The partner I’m expecting? They will be very loyal and kind. My husband is the most loyal person I know – and I swear if he had a spirit animal it would be a big family dog. I mean this in the best way – smart, enthusiastic, sweet, and loving.

7 of Cups + Anchor: Your choices will be anchored in partnership. Why this meaning? See that Anchor? The image was pulled from the 3 of Coins. That’s so cool!

The Ship and Fox only amplify the meanings I see in the Page and 9 of Cups – signaling that the entrepreneurial spirit is positive, and that I’m doing a lot of wishing about work.

Lastly, I noticed that the motions of the reading make a symbol or sigil. This isn’t something I know a lot about, but am starting to play with. Even if you don’t work with sigils, you have to admit the symbol of the reading is pretty. I drew it on my vision board afterward, to serve as a reminder of the insights from the reading. I might also add an image of the symbol as the background image on my phone, to remind me of the reading without advertising the cards to the world.

Treasure Map Spread Sigil.jpeg

So, to recap, I’ve outlined the spread positions below. If you use this spread, I’d love to know how it works for you. If you use it for clients, great – but just as I always try to give credit where it’s due, I’d appreciate the nod. Happy Treasure Mapping!

Position 1: The Treasure-Hunter – you, now.

Position 2: X Marks the Spot – you in a year.

Position 3: Compass Point – something or someone to help you get closer to your goals.

Position 4: Compass Point – something or someone that distracts from your goals.

Position 5: Compass Point – something you’ll need to give up or stop doing to reach your goals.

Position 6: Compass Point – something you’ll need to acquire or start doing when you are closer to your goals

Position 7: The Arrow: a nudge from the universe to keep you on track.

Treasure Map Board 2.jpg

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