Weekly Planner Spread with the Collective Tarot

Collective Tarot Weekly Planner Spread.jpeg

I’ve been using the Weekly Planner Spread from The Tarot Parlor for a while now and made one small adjustment this week. Instead of having a card for a theme and a card for focus, I have one card for a theme. I also added a question that’s personal for me – How can I best care for myself this week in particular? You’ll see that was a very good idea.

Also, I picked up a deck I haven’t used in a while. I’ve never really liked the Collective Tarot, but it’s because the art is not to my taste. The symbolism, the inclusive nature of the images, all the thought behind it is great. The art looks… messy, and that bugs me. But I decided to not let it stop me. Another good call. As you’ll see it was a clear reading with a great deck that deserves to get out more!

Card #1Theme/Focus of the Week: The Sun

Well! That’s a great card to see. I like the interpretation from the LBB (Little Black Book, as it’s black for this deck.) “The sha-zam! of having your shit figured out.” I think that the overwhelming positive nature of this card plays out in the rest of the reading.

Card #2 – Challenges That May Come Up This Week: 8 of Keys (Wands)

It’s time to move! “It doesn’t matter how much you love the color of your ceiling. It’s time to go out and see some other colors.” Perfect, perfect, perfect advice as I transition from being a happy hermit in my house over Spring Break to the busy week back at school. I need to embrace what a gift variety is. What’s the challenge here? Well, the 8 of Wands things will move very, very fast and that’s always exhausting. A good kind of exhausting, right?

Card #3 – Advice to Overcome These Challenges: Hierophant 

Go to your teachers. Go to the systems that taught you what you know. Not completely foreign advice for someone who things all things can be solved by the judicious application of a library card, but a good idea. I think I’ll head out to my local branch right after this reading…

She lays these cards out first, and then suggests three underneath those, with a focus that’s personalized. For me, the extra areas of my life that need focus are work, family, and my tarot practice. I added a last question for the cards – Given the particulars of this week, what can I do to care for myself?

Card #4 – Work Life: Lovers

Now that’s a card I don’t see very often in work readings. Lately, I’ve not been in love with work. The question that pops up when I see this card is: “What if loving what you do is a choice?” I’m going to sit with that for a while.

Card #5 – Family Life: 6 of Keys

Victory! What a great card to see. He’s had a work victory recently, I’ve had a personal victory recently. I think this card points to the need to celebrate that, together.

Card #6 – Tarot Practice: 10 of Bones

And this is what I’m talking about when I say that the art is not to my taste. You can’t see it in the picture (these are big cards after all, and weren’t all going to fit otherwise) but Skeleton hands catching seashells is not my idea of the wealth card. This is a little creepy. You have to focus on the fact that wealth is raining down. But look closely. You have go out to catch it. That’a a great message to be proactive about putting my plans for this blog into action.

Card #7How to Care For Myself?: The Four of Feathers

Isn’t that funny. I do think sometimes the cards have a bit of sass and snark in them not matter the deck. THE card of self-care in this spot confirms not only was I right to ask the question, but I’m well served by making sure I meditate, sleep well, and relax in this week of good news, good stress, and fast action.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Planner Spread with the Collective Tarot

    1. Thank you! I honestly was thinking of discontinuing the practice, but it’s good to know it’s helpful.

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