Weekly Planner Spread with the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

Rider Waite Smith Weekly Planner.jpeg

I’ve been using the Weekly Planner Spread from The Tarot Parlor for a while now with a few small adjustments. It’s become my default weekly spread, helping me to focus and set some intentions on a Sunday.

Card #1Theme/Focus of the Week: 4 of Wands

It’s graduation this week at the school where I work, and this week is filled with events that are part pomp-and-circumstance, part transitional ceremony. The 4 of Wands is exactly that sometimes, a big joyous event you’ve been waiting for.

Card #2 – Challenges That May Come Up This Week: Strength

Interesting that this is a challenge, but given all the events this week it’s not too much of a stretch to see the literal meaning of this card as the point. It’s a great week, but will require fortitude. It’s as if the card is saying “It’s a big week, sweetie! Eat your veggies and have some coffee, you’ll need to be in top form.”

Card #3 – Advice to Overcome These Challenges: Ace of Swords

I have a speech to write for one of these events, and the second I saw this I knew the advice was to write that speech early in the week, so it doesn’t become a distraction. You know how when a project is hanging over your head it feels like it’s sucking your energy? Well, the Ace on the heels of Strength reminds me not to let that happen.

Card #4 – Work Life: 2 of Wands

I like the idea of the 2 of Wands as ‘active waiting’ and a bit of a pause. In a week filled with graduation and year-end festivities, it’s good to remember that it’s hard to get any real work done. So I’ll take it slow, and make my expectations moderate.

Card #5 – Family Life: Ace of Wands

Hah! I see this all the time on weeks when my husband has a launch at work. Not a book launch or movie launch but a rocket launch. And what do rockets look like? Yup. That Ace of Wands. And yes, he’s got a launch this week which means lots of late nights for him. Weeks like this his work takes priority, and the Ace is here to remind me to be patient and supportive of that (very cool) work.

Card #6 – Tarot Practice: The Devil

Don’t you love it when the tarot calls you out? And this deck does that like no other. The Devil is absolutely the nail on the head. No sooner have I set myself a goal for posting on a Deck-of-the-Week, but I fall behind and have to scramble to get it done. This week is likely going to force me to really think about why I’m doing this, and if I want to continue. And, perhaps, if I want to set those goals so very high… The Devil almost always shows up when I need to lighten up and reign in my self-imposed expectations.

Card #7How to Care For Myself?: The Fool

I don’t draw The Fool often. In real life I’m a planner and organizer and not at all spontaneous. But sometimes the card sneaks up on me an says “Lighten up.” (Not unlike The Devil, how interesting! I just made that connection!) I think that this card here means I need to enjoy the moment. It’s going to be a beautiful week – I should stop and smell the roses.

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