Weekly Planner Spread with the Red Moon Tarot

Red Moon Tarot Deck Weekly Planner.jpeg

I’ve been using the Weekly Planner Spread from The Tarot Parlor for a while now with a few small adjustments. It’s become my default weekly spread, helping me to focus and set some intentions on a Sunday.

Card #1Theme/Focus of the Week:of Coins

This week is filled with opportunities to look at all I have accomplished and all I want to accomplish – it’s evaluation time with my staff, time for my own self-evaluation and contract renewal, and planning with new budgets. It’s work, and planning, and a reminder that moments of planning are absolutely key to achieving my goals.

Card #2 – Challenges That May Come Up This Week: 7 of Wands

Another 7 but with another message. I’ll need to be ready to stand my ground this week, and go against the grain. I don’t know yet how this will play out. If nothing else, I’ll be attending a conference this week, and some sessions are sure to be controversial and I’m sure to want to put in my two cents!

Card #3 – Advice to Overcome These Challenges: Princess of Coins

Be a cat. I can’t help that interpretation when the card is covered in cats! But I think it’s wise. Cats put their needs first, always. And in this busy week I’ll need to do that.

Card #4 – Work Life: 10 of Cups

Yes! With finals, and the annual conference, this week signals the end of an emotional attachment to this year’s students, this cycle, and the start of a new year. It’s been a good year, but it’s time to move on.

Card #5 – Family Life: 2 of Swords

I’ll have to make choices this week between being present for work, at a conference with my peers, and here at home. I can’t do it all and no choice will be easy.

Card #6 – Tarot Practice: 8 of Coins

Last week it was The Devil, taunting me that no sooner have I set myself a goal for posting on a Deck-of-the-Week, but I was behind and had to scramble to get it done. This week is about work. In the midst of a super busy week, what work is worthy? How can I fit this in? I honestly don’t know.

Card #7How to Care For Myself?: The Hierophant

For some reason, this week, this card says “fake it until you make it.” So many of the people I work with – at work, at the conference – see me as a teacher and authority. Even if I’m not feeling it. But sometimes you need to act the part and trust.

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