Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract 1.jpg

I love putting together decks that seem like they have very little in common. Often the reading that results is unexpectedly insightful and richer than a reading from one deck alone. Case in point is the combination of the first two decks from my Deck of the Week challenge – the Rider-Waite-Smith and my DIY deck, the Red Moon Tarot.

The other day, I was told my application for a plot in the local community garden had come up in the lottery. I was thrilled! I was ready to say yes immediately! My husband, however, was doubtful. What about all the other things on my plate? I do have a tenancy to over-commit and dive into a new obsession (tarot cards! organic gardening! vegan cooking! writing! baking! canning! sewing my own clothes!) Then, when I inevitably can’t follow through with everything to my standards, get sad. And mopey. And berate myself. And abandon the focus until I’ve forgotten the sad bits and go back to it with renewed gusto. He just wanted to remind me that I have a book I want to write, a blog I love, a job that’s hard and that already fills my time. We don’t also need to grow our own food. It was a nice idea, but not if it meant there would come a day when I was all weepy and angry at myself for not getting All. The. Things. done at once.

He is wise. All this is true. It’s good advice. And I’d really like to ignore him.

I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember. Barbara Sher wrote about this, and called it scanning. I’m a Scanner. I love lots of things. I have lots of callings – not just one that I can pick out. And I cycle through them. For example, I’ve read everything at my local library on practicing Buddhism in modern day – but I read it all over a series of years while checking out a huge stack of books, reading a few chapters, and then loosing interest. And then checking the books out months later, reading another few chapters and … you get the idea. It’s a constant struggle between the passion of a new project … and the passion of another new project, and, well, life.

Beth Maiden has been writing about this lately. She’s partnered up with a woman who uses the term Multipods instead of Scanners. She even did a post on a tarot spread for just this kind of situation that I’ve been wanting to try.

It’s simple as one two three:

1. Do this!
2. Ditch this!
3. Yeah, okay, but not until tomorrow.

I chose the Rider-Waite-Smith for the first round with the spread. I was hoping for clear answers and an action plan. I drew three cards from the Red Moon Tarot for a more emotional take on things. I ended up getting snark, as you can see, from Pixie:

Opposites Attract 2.jpeg

Card #1: Do this! High Priestess. The lady of the deck least likely to give a flying fig what others think. She won’t explain herself, so don’t ask. This is the lady who’s into setting her own darn calendar. This card says it clearly: “Screw your patriarchal, achievement-oriented, capitalistic ideas of success. You love tarot, do tarot! You want a garden, go plant something. However you want. Whichever way is true to YOU.”  

Card #2: Ditch this! Judgement. Wow. Well that’s clear. Get rid of the idea that anyone is keeping score on how good you are at gardening, or tarot, or writing, or anything. There is no Judgement Day, er, deadline. “Stop acting like someone is watching and keeping score.” And at the end of the day, that’s what ends up making me feel bad. I want to be a ‘good’ wherever it is. But who sets that definition? Just me. I need to stop being so hard on myself.

Card #3: Yeah, ok, but not until tomorrow! 7 of Coins. THE card in the deck I most closely associate with gardening! I can take that advice. I literally write “pause and consider carefully” in my notebook instead “yeah, ok, but not until tomorrow!” I can say yes to a garden plot but go slow. I can do the thing, but not set the standard at impossible. Herbs. ‘Weeds.’ Hardy things. Nettle and Dandelion and Yarrow will like being left alone and will be better for me missing a watering. They will let me say yes.

So, in typical fashion, the Rider-Waite-Smith has said what it needed to say and dropped the metaphorical microphone. Still, I drew some cards from the Red Moon Tarot. They were collaborative messages.

Opposites Attract 3.jpeg

Card #1: Do this! High Priestess + Justice = Do what feels right to you. You will find your own balance. I love the black, white, and green of the card. You can see things as black and white, but usually there is another, middle way. Green is a great color to associate with the middle way for this reading!

Card #2: Ditch this! Judgement + Ace of Water = Don’t let simplistic emotions about judgement worry you. You’ve been here before, you know what you are doing.

Card #3: Yeah, ok, but not until tomorrow! 7 of Coins + 2 of Coins = With any new plan, expect to struggle to find balance. Pause and consider where the energy will come from before you start. ‘Robbing Peter to Pay Paul’ may be the way to go, and there is no shame in that right now.

Clearly, I’m going for that garden plot. I am not, however, going to get too carried away. And instead of adding without consideration, I’ll make room for the new project. After all, if it’s a passion it’s worthy of my time. And if it’s a passion, no matter how ‘well’ I do it’s worth the energy.

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