What sets you apart from other readers?

Given my many years as a guidance counselor, my interpretations of the cards have a practical bent. My primary role as a counselor was to help students and their families map out a long-term plan, so my readings help you chart a course – it’s just second-nature. I offer up specific advice and action steps that are informed my experience and intuition.

I’ve spent decades helping with making impossible or scary choices, so I’m great at identifying options – those you knew about and those that you haven’t yet seen. Also, nothing shocks me anymore when it comes to money, family, or relationships so you can ask about anything!


What training have you undergone? 

In addition to professional development as a guidance counselor which covered relevant topics like life-coaching and psychology, I hone my skills as a tarot reader through masterclasses. Regularly attending conferences like the Bay Area Tarot Symposium and the Northwest Tarot Symposium lets me explore new topics. I’ve also engaged in long-term study with wonderful readers like Yeshe Rabbit, owner of the Sacred Well and James Wells, author of Tarot for Manifestation.


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Coming soon.