Schedule a Reading

If you’d like to have a reading, please contact me directly at Currently I am offering e-mail readings at no charge, in exchange for feedback and/or testimonials.

In your e-mail, let me know a bit about how I can help you. I don’t need a lot of detail, but a few things will make the reading more useful for you. If you have a very specific question or time-frame, let me know. If there is a particular deck (or decks!) you’d like me to use, great! You’ll find information on which decks or deck combinations work best work for each kind of question here.

I’ll respond as soon as I can to your e-mail, and have the reading (image and write-up) to you in 3 days. I’ll post a picture of the reading on my social media, but reveal no details of our reading beyond that. I’d love to hear how the reading resonates with you, but will ask explicit permission before posting any of your feedback to my website.




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