My Decks

This is a record of the decks I have. You might be asking, aren’t all tarot decks the same 78 cards? No way! The artist and when they lived shapes the deck a great deal so each one has a feel, theme, and strength. Some decks are great for questions of money, others are better when you are asking about your tender heart. Still others are sassy or downright snarky- just depends what you are looking for.

I’ve made a note if the deck is a historical reproduction, reinterpretation, or a complete departure from tradition.When I have written several blog posts about reading with the deck, I’ve given you a link so you can see the deck ‘in action’ and make a more informed choice.

Overwhelmed by the options? No problem – several decks are all-purpose fabulous: The Daniloff Tarot, The Fountain Tarot, and the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. If you are asking about business or work, I’d suggest the modern Urban Tarot or the mystical Thoth. If you have questions about family dynamics, the Housewife’s Tarot is a no-brainer good bet as is the Tarot of the Absurd. Good old fashioned love? The Timeless Tarot. (Want something that’s not hetero-normative? You’ll like The Collective Tarot or The Tarot del Fuego.) Upcoming trips of all kinds? The Tarot of Prauge. Spiritual matters? The Voyager is a classic, and the Tarot of the Trance is a dream.

I’ve also made a list of which decks work well together. Sometimes, you just need to get a double dose, and can get a reading with two tarot decks. Sometimes, the more systems the better. A tarot reading with a Lenormand, Oracle, or rune bonus adds a great deal of clarity.

Absurd, Tarot of the
Alchemical Tarot Renewed
Anima Mundi Tarot
Animal Totem Tarot
Antiquarian Lenormand
Antiquarian Tarot
Aquarian Tarot (En Espanol)
Arcana (Tarot Playing Card Deck)
Arcana of Astrology (Oracle)
Art of Life Tarot
Astro Oracle
Augenblick Lenormand
Augenblick Tarot
Birdqueen Tarot
Black Hand Lenormand
Blue Bird Lenormand
Bones, Tarot of the
Boroughs, Tarot of the ^
Brady Tarot (on order)
Burning Serpent Oracle (Lenormand)
Carnival at the End of The World (on order)
Cat Lynch Tarot
The Cheimonette Tarot
Circo Tarot
City Mystic Tarot, New York City
City Mystic Tarot, Paris
Crone, Tarot of the # – Original and All-Black Back Re-Issue
Collective Tarot – 3rd Edition
Cosmos Tarot & Oracle #
Curiously Charming (Oracle)
Dali’s Tarot
Daniloff, Alexander Tarot – Second Edition
Dark Days Tarot
Dark Goddess
Delta Enduring Tarot
Dust 2 Onyx
Earthbound Oracle
Elemental Tarot
The Ellis Deck ^
The Elora Deck
Etruria Tarot (H)
Esoterico, El Gran Tarot
Faerie’s (Oracle)
Fountain Tarot ^
Four Elements,  Tarot of the
Fuego, Tarot del
Gaian Tarot, 1st & 2nd Printing
Ghetto Tarot ^
Halloween Tarot ^
Heart of Faerie (Oracle)
Heart and Hands Tarot
Hermes Playing Cards (Oracle)
Hermetic Tarot *
Hidden Waters Tarot
Holy Light, Tarot of (H)
Housewife’s Tarot ^
Incidental Tarot
Isidore Tarot
Jonasa Jaus Tarot
Kitchen Tarot (majors only)
Legendary Lenormand, BATS Commemorative Edition
Light Gray Tarot
Linestrider Tarot ^
Lioness Oracle Tarot
Lost Code of Tarot, Kickstarter Ddition
Margarete Petersen Tarot
Marseille (Francois Chosson, 1736) (H)
Mary El Tarot #
Maybe Lenromand
Magpie Seer Charms (Oracle)
Minchiate Tarot (H)
New York Lenormand (w/ Playing Card Inserts) (H)
New York Lenormand (w/ Tarot Card Inserts) (H)
Ninety Question Deck (Oracle)
Numinous Tarot (on order)
Ogham Sticks – Not tarot, but useful
Our Tarot (on order)
Pagan Otherworlds Tarot
Paulina Tarot
Pearls of Wisdom Tarot
Pentimento Tarot (majors only)
“Pixie” or Pamela Coleman Smith / Rider-Waite Deck ^ (H)
Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand ^
Plants, Tarot of
Polarity Wellness Deck
Postcards from My Lover (Lenormand)
Prague, Tarot of
Prisma Visions Tarot
Pyscards (Oracle) 
Red Moon Tarot (My DIY deck)
Runes – not tarot, but useful
Sakki-Sakki Tarot ^
Santa Muerte Tarot
Scyring Ink Lenormand
Seekers Lenromand
Sevenfold Mystery, Tarot of
Shadowscapes Tarot ^
Shakespeare Tarot
Siren Song Lenormand
Slow Holler Tarot
Sola Busca Completely Revised (H)
Spiral Tarot
Spirit, Tarot of the *
Spolia Tarot (On Order)
Star of Sevens (Oracle)
Stargazer of the Sea Lenormand
Stella’s Tarot
Stretch Tarot
Sun and Moon Tarot *
Supra Oracle (on order)
Tabula Mundi *
Timeless Tarot
Tinker’s Damn Tarot (Re-issue w/ Magenta) (On order)
Third Millennium, Tarot of #
Thoth Deck *
Trance, Tarot of The ^
Urban Tarot, The *
Victoria Regina Tarot ^
Voyager Tarot #
Water, Tarot of (78 Tarot Collaboration) 
Wild Unknown Tarot
Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck (Oracle)
Wildwood Tarot
William Blake Tarot
Writer’s Block Tarot

* Thoth or Thoth-inspired decks
^ Rider-Waite-Smith or RWS-inspired decks
# Complete departure from other tarot structures
(H) Historical reproduction or re-imagining

2 thoughts on “My Decks

  1. I have many of the same decks. I am impatiently awaiting the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot deck! I have purchase several of Usii’s regular poker decks (not at all regular!), as well as their Brut Tarot. Question: Is there any rhyme or reason for the sometimes black – sometimes brown lettering of the decks above? Just curious. LTM

  2. Linda – great question! If I’ve done a series of readings with the deck (deck interview, weekly spread, daily draw) I’ll try to link to that tag so you can see all the posts. My hope is that it helps you to get an idea of the personality of a deck by seeing it in-use. Cheers!

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