Multi-Deck Readings

When I have a problem, I’m likely to ask several people for advice before deciding on the path I’ll take. For this reason, I love reading with more than one deck at a time. I’ve discovered through trial and error which decks have a sympathetic relationship, which decks help clarify the message, and which decks (pleasantly) clash to offer multiple options for one question. Below is a list of my favorite combinations with links to examples if possible. Let me know if one in particular would be perfect for your reading.

Advice From a Dowager Countess: Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot with Pixie’s Lenormand

All Hallow’s Eve Fun: Halloween Tarot with the Legendary Lenormand

All Hallow’s Eve Spooky: Victoria Regina Tarot with a Single Draw of the Dark Goddess Tarot

Ancient & Powerful: Elemental Tarot with a Single Draw of the Dark Goddess Tarot

Ancient Magic: Alchemical Tarot with the Hermes Playing Card Oracle

Ancient Magic 2: Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery with the Burning Serpent Oracle

Bachleorette Party Fun: Sakki-Sakki Tarot with the Black Hand Lenormand

Black and White and Very Soft: Tarot of the Absurd with the Black Hand Lenormand

Dreamworking in the Daytime: Margarete Petersen Tarot with the Star of Sevens Oracle

Carl Sagan Special: Cosmos Tarot with Cosmos Oracle

Creative Block Cure-All: William Blake Tarot with The Curiously Charming Oracle

Creative Block Cure-All 2: Salvador Dali’s Tarot with the Antiquarian Lenormand

Creative Block Cure-All 2: Sakki-Sakki Tarot (any lenormand!)

Gentle, Gentle: Birdqueen Tarot with the Black Hand Lenormand

Green is the New Black: Wildwood Tarot with the Earthbound Oracle

Green Magic for a City Druid: Wildwood Tarot with Runes

Green Magic for a City Gardener : Tarot of the Plants with the Earthbound Oracle

Goddess of Light and Dark: Gaian Tarot and a Single-Draw of the Tarot of the Crone

Hard Truths: Mary El Tarot and 3 Rune Draws

Heavy, Heavy: Tabula Mundi (black and white) with (travel-sized, color) Thoth

Home for the Holidays: Housewife’s Tarot with a Single-Draw from the Kitchen Tarot

Love, Love, Love! : Timeless Tarot with Postcards From My Lover Lenromand

New York City Life : Tarot of the Boroughs with the New York Lenormand (tarot inserts)

New York City Life 2: Urban Tarot with the New York Lenormand (playing card inserts)

Opposites Attract: Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot with The Red Moon Tarot (my DIY deck)

Past Life Peek: Timeless Tarot with the Antiquarian Lenormand

Springtime!: Wild Unknown Tarot and Victoria Regina Tarot

Powdered Wigs meet Woodstock: Marseille (1736) with the Voyager Deck (1989)

Victorian Dreams: Victoria Regina Tarot with the Antiquarian Lenormand