Great Spreads

I will pick a spread that works best for your specific situation, which keeps me on my toes as a reader and gives you the best possible reading, but I’ll admit I do have a few favorites. If one of these sounds like a good idea for your question, let me know.

Astrological Spread: (12 – 78 cards) A personal favorite for each birthday and un-birthday, but also the largest, this is a great way to see specifics for your current situation, as well as map out goals and tasks for a year ahead. It pairs nicely with the Year-At-A-Glance Spread.

‘Celtic Wave’ Spread: (10 cards) My personal variation on the traditional Celtic Cross spread, a great reading for decision making about a difficult subject that’s been bothering you for a while.

‘Compass Rose’ Spread: (8-11 cards) Based on a great spread from Beth Maiden at Little Red Tarot, I use this spread when I can’t figure out why I’m procrastinating about (or completely doubting) a new endeavor.

‘Life Cycle’ Spread: (9 cards) Our lives really do follow cycles that sync up with the numbers 1-9, and this reading will help you see where you are now, and what possibilities lie ahead. Check out one I recently did for myself here.

‘Star of the Magi’ Spread: (7 cards) I’ve worked with this spread for years, and it can function both as a way to get a handle on how you feel about a situation, as well as provide specific action items to help you move forward in the next week.

Seasonal Reading: (5 cards) As the seasons shift, it’s good to re-focus. This spread is great for setting intentions for short-term plans. I find it particularly useful if it’s combined with a seasonal ‘Desire Map’ practice.

Treasure Map Spread: (7 cards) An interactive spread to help you move closer to a goal you have for the coming year. See my post about ‘treasure mapping’ here.

Year-At-A-Glance Spread: (12 cards) A perfect option for a birthday, anniversary, or new beginning, this reading gives you a focus for each month. I do this reading for myself 2 times a year on my birthday and my un-birthday.