Astrological Spread with Stella’s Tarot

Astrological Spread Stella Tarot.jpg

This year for my birthday, I did a series of readings for myself, and wrote them up as if they were for a client to give you an understanding of how I work. This is one of my favorite spreads, as it’s loaded with information. I do it for myself every year, twice a year, and keep track of how each card manifests in my life.

Each of the 12 cards represents a house of the zodiac on a birth chart. Each house of the zodiac has a list of associations in life. The 1st card is laid at the 9 o’clock position, as that’s where the 1st house was when you were born, and the rest are laid counter-clockwise in a circle. After the first 12 cards were laid down, the general theme was clear, but I drew extra cards for clarity.

After taking a look at the angular, succedent, and cadent houses and then looking at how each of the elemental houses combined, it’s clear that the theme of this reading is a journey of choice. There are several cards here that signal it’s time to make a big change in your life – before life makes the choices and changes for you. It’s an incredible opportunity to shape your own life – empowering and rewarding. Given that you were asking about starting a side business in the next year, this is great news.

The major conflict in your way this year is your attitudes about money and control. To make this change, you have to deal with your blockages about money first. I don’t mean debt necessarily, but the idea of how you handle money, and how comfortable you are making, keeping track of it, and sharing it. Money is energy. Yes, you need to learn basic bookkeeping most likely, but you also need to learn to get comfy with the basic flow of money, too. Again, given that you were asking about a side business, this is critical.

You have a choice to make as well. Are you going to let people in on how you are feeling as you make this change? The King and Princess of Cups speak to people in your life who will play a major role this year, and you need their help. There are several 6 cards in this reading, and that’s always a sign that you better off partnering than alone, as 6 is the number of The Lovers – the ultimate card of  union – in the Major Arcana.

Even without looking at each card in turn, or the clarity cards, the message of the reading is clear: it’s all systems go this year to make a big change in your life (like starting a side business) as long as you don’t shy away from issues of money and keep the people closest to you on your team. Let’s take a look at each card, and any clarity cards, for a more detailed perspective and suggested actions.

1st House: Identity. 6 of Swords
Clarity: 7 of Swords, Justice, Devil

You are going to go through a change when it comes to how you view the world, and move through the world. It’s not just about a new job or relationship, it’s about your sense of truthfulness and how you can be free of limitations. The timing is right to make this choice to change, but as with any major change, the people closest to you will have a hard time with any changes that happen too fast. (Hello, King of Cups in the 7th house!) Go slow, don’t cut any ties (at work, in your personal life) yet. Only add, don’t subtract this year so you can move forward.

2nd House: Resources. The Emperor

Well, you have all the resources – time, money, energy, systems to help you with this change, that’s for sure! Congrats. There’s hardly a more supportive card for a journey to land in the 2nd house. Your marching orders for this year: Act Like A Boss. Because you can be one.

3rd House: Information. 6 of Wands
Clarity: Hanged Man, 4 of Swords, Fool

One word of warning, as you make this change and act like that Boss, pay attention to your need to always be right, and your desire for everything to look like a victory from the get go. Be open about your emotions, mistakes, and fears and you’ll find that those close to you will offer support. (Again, that King of Cups in the 7th.) Also, this combination of clarity cards begs for you to look at how you manage your energy. If you are an introvert, so far the cards signal an extroverted year so make sure you are taking care of yourself with lots of time to recharge.

4th House: Home Base. 2 of Coins

This 2 of Disks is a small card, but has big repercussions this year. Change is in the air. Get on that and ride that wave so it doesn’t crash on top of you! Specifically, Your source of income (financial or energetic or both) will change this year. You might move. If you do any or all of this in a this in a proactive manner, you are good to go. If you drag your feet, and get caught up in coulda shoulda woulda wish-it-was-the-same, (Hello, Princess of Cups in the 8th house! I see you and your friend the 6 of Cups in the 10th!) you will not like the outcome.

5th House: Love & Creativity. 2 of Swords
Clarity: Ace of Coins, 3 of Coins, 6 of Coins

Your creativity is blocked right now. You have the desire, the resources, the support but you are stalling. First of all, it’s easier to dream about something than make it real. Second, this blockage is all about money. You need to name the issue, find support from people who can help you – by making you do the work, not do the work for you! – and then share the rewards. This is a must. Also, the second you find some success, respond to the advice of the 6 of Coins and start a regular contribution to a local food bank or volunteer. Money and resources have to start flowing! Part of being that Boss is sharing the wealth.

6th House: Health & Service. 8 of Wands
Clarity: 10 of Disks, Knight of Coins, 9 of Coins

You need to move with speed on your plans for change so you make progress in these 12 months. That said, it’s easy to go so hard and fast at an idea that you hurt yourself. Specifically, as you are making changes in your work or business life, you want to make sure to care for your body. What’s worked in the past? You want to connect with things that made you feel like you were accomplishing things before. This is not the time to try new activities or workout routines, but to put self-care on the calendar in familiar, predictable, actionable ways. This steady work on your body will dovetail nicely into your work manifesting success and money, I promise.

7th House: Relationships. Knight of Cups (King)
Clarity: 10 of Wands, Hermit, Moon

King of Cups – he’s the romantic partner or best  friend who can be the perfect ally or the worst enemy. Whoever this is in your life, make them a partner in this change. Let this person lift your burden. Let this person in on what you are trying to share with the world. Let this person in on what confuses you. They can’t solve anything for you, but they can help you do what you need to do by offering support, love, and tenderness – and they will know you value them because you have included them in your plans. This isn’t just niceties – it’s essential – as this person can completely derail you if they are not on your team.

8th House: Death, Sex & Taxes. Princess of Cups (Page)
Clarity: 4 of Wands, High Priestess, Universe

Opposite that supportive master-of-all Emperor is a child. A child who wants to stay a child. Even more than the King of Cups, this inner child of yours can put a huge monkey wrench into your plans. Grow up and get your money issues sorted out NOW. (How do I know this – see that 2 of disks in the 4th House and the 5 of Disks in the 12th? That’s a giant blinking sign that money is at the root of this.) So learn any new skills, hire a bookkeeper, whatever it takes to make sure that you feel on top of how much you make and how much you need to earn for your plans to work out. And I’m not talking about letting someone else do all the work. It’s fine to hire an accountant at first if things are a real mess, but you need to transition to be the one who balances the accounts by the end of this year or a huge foundational pillar of your new endeavor is very shaky.

9th House: Beliefs. 9 of Wands
Clarity: 8 of Cups, Empress, Star

The message of the 9 of Wands is ‘hang in there.’ This year brings many challenges that are unfamiliar and will be exhausting, But just as the 6 of Swords shows this is not a journey of a completely practical nature, the 9 of Wands shows that the practical will inform and revitalize your faith and spirit. Say thank you for each victory, and each lesson. Keep saying thank you. Even if that’s the only prayer that passes your lips this year it’s enough. Hang in there, and let this year, and your efforts work their magic.

10th House: Career. 6 of Cups
Clarity: Wheel, Tower, Lovers

Often, that 6 of Cups speaks to nostalgia, and child-like wonder. It can be a beautiful card, but I often see a dark side to it. It can tell you that you are holding on too tightly to what you thought would happen. With those clarity cards, I think the dark side is what we are looking at here. This is a year of change. Knowing this, make sure that you are changing with it and staying loose. Let go of expectations and labels and let you’ll be better able to respond to difficulties and success. Thinking you’ll be doing one-on-one readings in person? Well, that would be great – but you might find out that you are way better at doing parties or workshops. That Tower card speaks to how we often hold on to things that don’t serve us until life rips it out of our hands. Don’t be that person. You are thinking of a side business – don’t let it define you and don’t define your goals so rigidly that you only see success if one specific set of circumstances occurs.

11th House: Tribe. 7 of Cups

The message of this card in this house is simple and clear. Share your dream. Communicate your vision. Write, blog, get on social media and let people in on the shaping of your endeavor.

12th House– Secrets. 5 of Disks
Clarity: 8 of Disks, 2 of Cups, Queen of Wands

By this point, we’ve already seen this almost everywhere else in the reading, so it seems redundant to say that this is all about money. But the 5 of Coins in the 12 House speaks to what’s often called Shadow Work. And you have some work to do on that shadow. You’ve got money issues – either not having enough, not managing it well, or not knowing how to be comfortable with what you have. If you deal with it proactively, with genuine hard work (8 of Coins) and with true unabashed uncontrollable love (2 of Cups) you will be rewarded (Queen of Wands) so don’t shy away from this. This speaks to the work of the year.

A few action items to get you started:

Get your personal financial house in order. April is tax season! Start there.

Go read a book or take a class on money management to make sure you feel comfortable setting up the basics of this side business correctly right from the start.

Enlist a partner. Find that King of Cups and ask for the support you need. They will give it to you, and love to be a part of these changes as a partner instead of observer.

Be open about your process. Write, blog, and talk about how things are really going, not just the good days.

Be open to whatever shape success shows up in. And when it does, even when it’s small, say thank you.

When it’s a big or steady success, share the wealth.