Year-At-A-Glance Spread with the Daniloff Tarot

Daniloff Tarot 12 Month Spread.jpeg

This year, I did a whole lot o’ tarot for my birthday. First, I did an astrological spread that was HUGE and incredibly thought provoking. Then, I did this Year-At-A-Glance spread, to give me an idea of what each month holds with those themes in mind. (I got the Alexander Daniloff tarot as a birthday present, so it seemed appropriate to use it for at least one of the spreads! Isn’t it gorgeous? ) A Year-At-A-Glance spread is deceptively simple. Each of the 12 cards represent a month, starting with the present moment. Here are my initial impressions, but the beauty of this spread is that you can use each card as a focus for each month in the next year, providing 12 mini-readings, so you only really get the full benefit of the spread in time. A birthday gift that keeps giving, yes?

Bottom line? You have some work to do with all things physical – health, personal finances, wills and estates in 2016. Learn what you need to and get things squared away now because 2017 will start with a flash-bang-surprise! If you aren’t on firm ground in all areas of your life, it’s a bad surprise.

April: The Star

Lovely, lovely, lovely. A needed reminder that it’s all going to be all right after a few weeks of personal drama and sleepless nights (none of which I’m going to go into here as it’s way too personal.)

May: Knight of Coins 

Money, money, money. Interesting to note that this is also the house where the Emperor showed up in the Astrological Spread, another card of mastery. Also, as one of the main points of that reading was to get my financial house in order, this is a good indication that there is no time like the present, er, near future. Also, I have to submit a new department budget at work, so it’s budgets for everyone!

June: Hierophant 

For me, the Hierophant can often represent my career, as I work full-time in education. June is the month where I do all the planning and deciding (sometimes hiring) for the year ahead, so this makes sense.

July: King of Coins

More money stuff. I know I will be helping a friend with his inheritance this month, so this make sense too.

August: Hanged Man

Interesting to note that this is also the house where the 2 of Swords showed up in the first reading, another card of delay. I am sure I’ll be feeling ambivalent about the new school year starting, and August is always where things never happen as quickly as I wish they would. 

September: Ace of Coins

Please, please, please tell me that this means I’ll start the new school year with a new budget?

October: 6 of Coins

Give and you shall receive.

November: King of Cups

Always an emotional month, it’s nice to see the card that’s about working with and mastering (not suffocating) emotions here.

December: Page of Coins

Did you forget that this year was mostly about money? Because the cards haven’t! Last chance to take care of your physical health, financial resources and living space before the new year!

January: Ace of Swords

Let’s start the new year with a bang! I hope it’s a good bang, but doesn’t’ that Ace look a little doom-and-gloom? I’ll likely re-design the blog, release a PDF workbook, or something else writing-related.

February: Tower

And the new year will absolutely have a bang. Also, this is the time of year when people in my field start to leave/hunt for jobs. Yipes. 

March: 7 of Wands

You will need to fight for your rights, remind people that you are strong and deserving. No one will give you what you want without you going out and getting it. You’ll need to rely on your inner resources.